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I’ve started saving for Christmas NEXT YEAR using simple method

A MONEY-saving mad mum says she has already started stashing cash away for Christmas 2023 using a simple method.

Kathryn Hibberd, 29, believes prepping well in advance for the festive period is the best way to accumulate a sturdy budget.

Kathryn has already started saving for Christmas 2023 - despite this year's festive period not being over yet

Kathryn has already started saving for Christmas 2023 – despite this year’s festive period not being over yetCrédit: Instagram/@kathibberdoxo
The mum stuffs cash inside an impenetrable money box so she won't dip into her savings

The mum stuffs cash inside an impenetrable money box so she won’t dip into her savingsCrédit: TikTok/@kathrynhibberd

Le conducteur d'Hermès divise l'opinion après avoir ouvert la porte, from Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, explained she was able to put away hundreds of pounds towards this year’s celebrations thanks to her handy hack.

toutefois, not everyone was impressed by her eagerness after she shared her yuletide tip on TIC Tac.

She shared a short clip showing off a money tin she had labelledNoël 2023′, showing her stuff a ten pound note inside.

Kathryn explained she adds whatever cash she can into the sealed metal money box that is notoriously difficult to bust open.

The novelty piggy bank encourages people to save money as they can’t just simply dip into their funds on a whim.

The thrifty 29-year-old said the method would particularly benefitpeople who struggle to save.

She captioned the clip: “Noël 2023 saving has begun! This year I saved £195, which I know doesn’t seem a lotbut I am the worst with saving money.

So this is pretty good for me!”

The mum admitted she had tried to break open her Christmas 2022 money tinseveral timesbefore she relented due to the struggle.

She told her 33,000 followers that she had previously tried and tested her saving hack while living at home in her younger years.

The clip racked up a whopping 233,000 after TikTokers applauded her savviness.

Un a commenté: “I always say I’m going to save but never do it but I am definitely trying for next year!”

Un autre a dit: “This is such a good idea.

Un troisième ajouté: “Great idea, I’m copying!”

Et un quatrième ajouté: “Done this the last few years, its great for Christmas, birthdays and holidays.


But not everyone was convinced they would be able to keep their hands out of the coin jar for a whole 12 mois.

L'un a dit: “Good ideabut I know I’d raid it when I fancy a takeaway.

Un autre a écrit: “I know if I do this, I’d probably raid it within two days.

Et un troisième a dit: “If I didn’t know how to open this so easily this would be a life saver.

Others could hardly believe she was already mapping out her money for Christmas 2023 before this year’s Big Day has even arrived.

We previously told how a frugal father hasn’t paid a penny for Christmas after saving £1,000 thanks to side hustles and bargains.

Al Baker, 48, says he has managed to save the money using various cost-cutting methods in order to fund the festivities for his family this year.

Lottie a dit à ses fans qu'elle était en cure de désintoxication le mois dernier et a partagé la nouvelle sur TikTok

The dad-of-two has been particularly thrifty, buying a yellow sticker turkey for £8 from M&S down from £60 on Noël Eve last year to tuck into this December, et saved money from doing side hustles like market research, which paid him in vouchers.

For more money-saving tips, why not take a look at our list of tips to keep hold of your hard-earned cash over the festive period.

She says she managed to save up £195 this year with her handy hack

She says she managed to save up £195 this year with her handy hackCrédit: TikTok/@kathrynhibberd