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EastEnders Spoiler: Harvey Monroe found in concerning state as he is catfished

THERE is concern for Harvey Monroe on EastEnders when he is discovered in a sorry state.

The residents of Albert Square will be shocked at how Harvey is acting in upcoming scenes in the BBC soap opera.

Harvey is found living in filth

Harvey is found living in filthAnerkennung: BBC
Concerns begin to grow about him and Sophia

Concerns begin to grow about him and SophiaAnerkennung: BBC

Rocky begins to notice something is amiss when after looking forward to attending the football with Harvey but is left stunned and surprised when he fails to turn up to pre-match drinks.

This sends Rocky into a sense of panic as he realises that he has not seen Harvey in a number of days.

He enlists Mitch for his help in order to trace where Harvey is.

The pair enter Harvey’s flat and are left perplexed as they discover a bewildered Harvey living in squalor.

Harvey begins to play it down but is soon forced to admit that he is back in contact with the illusive Sophia.

She had initially ghosted him but after getting back into contact and putting all his focus into her Harvey is besotted with her.

Suspicions grow amongst the square surrounding Sophia’s identity as Alfie suggests to Rocky that it could be possible that she is a catfish.

Rocky attempts to do some digging as to who she is as Harvey insists that his mystery woman is the real deal, despite only ever messaging her.

Has Harvey been blindsided by Sophia once again?

And just how will his friends help him out of his concerning state?

Alfie suggests to the pair that he may have been catfished

Alfie suggests to the pair that he may have been catfishedAnerkennung: BBC

EastEnders airs Monday-Thursday at 7:30pm on ITV.