Tefalのエアフライヤーをテストし、完璧なステーキを調理しました 7 分

Air Fryers are the latest kitchen hit, with everyone from TikTokers to top chefs raving about their crisping capabilities.

Steaks, チップ, sausage rolls, cakes… would Tefal’s air fryer be as tasty as everyone says? I put it to the test.

  • Tefal EasyFry 3 に 1, £179 (£10の節約) アマゾンから – ここで購入


  • Great quality, great results
  • Unusual functions including grill and steam
  • So easy to keep clean


  • Must stop and start again if you adjust times and temps
  • Instructions could be clearer
  • No recipe inspiration included

Tefal air fryer review: 簡単な要約

With the energy crisis making us all consider the running cost of kitchen gadgets and appliances, this is one fantastic helper that could make turning on the ‘big oven’ a thing of the past.

私, for one, haven’t switched mine on since the Tefal came into my kitchen and changed my life.

It can bake, air fry and roast for a fraction of the cost of a traditional oven, and in much less time. It doesn’t turn my tiny kitchen into a sweat box in summer months, whiffs are kept to a minimum – even when steaming fish – and it looked great on my kitchen countertop.

But where this Tefal model really comes into its own is in the array of functions it offers compared to basic air fryers.

With a unique ‘steam’ button, all I have to do is fill the tank with water for perfect veggies, cod steaks or even Chinese dumplings. I’ve tried them all with top results.

  • Tefal EasyFry 3 に 1, £179 (£10の節約) アマゾンから – ここで購入


Tefal air fryer review: 完全なレビュー

クレジット: Tefal

This Tefal model has a generous capacity and is a good choice for families of up to four people.

If there was one reason alone to buy this air fryer it was the Grill function. That was the big hit when it came to my testing.

Veggies look away now, but I do think there’s nothing better than a gorgeous rump or rib eye, juicy and tender on the inside with a crisp and caramelized outer layer, just the way I used to do it on a proper cast iron skillet or on the bbq. Thanks to the Tefal’s heavyweight grill tray, that’s just what we got, without having to tackle fat-splashed hobs or grimy grill pans later.

  • Tefal EasyFry 3 に 1, £179 (£10の節約) アマゾンから – ここで購入

After pre-heating the machine to 200°C for fifteen minutes, I added a couple of fat rib eyes, which I’d left to come to room temperature before brushing with olive oil and seasoning.

Switching to ‘Grill’ mode, I kept it at its max 200°C setting and shut the drawer for a total of seven minutes, only breaking the cycle halfway through to turn the meat.

To go with the steak, I used the Air Fry button to make frozen wedges and some beer-battered onion rings. These cooked together in around ten minutes, which was just the right amount of time for my steaks to rest on the counter, with tender, mouthwatering results.

Trying homemade chips on another occasion was just as much of a success, in terms of taste at least. I soaked evenly sliced spuds and patted them dry before air frying for 20 分, but found it hard to replicate the audible crunch of frozen fries if I’m honest. They were delicious nonetheless!

クレジット: Tefal

Another saving I appreciated was the tiny amount of oil needed in everything I cooked. These days no one wants to go overboard on expensive basics, even sunflower oil, and I only had to drizzle a tiny bit here and there before most air fry recipes.

There aren’t many moans from me, but I’d like to have been able to change the temperature and cooking time as the machine operated – it seemed like a hassle to stop everything and wait for the cut-off to be able to start again.

Another gripe was the lack of recipes or extensive instructions, but it’s a truly great kitchen toy to play with and you’ll actually enjoy finding your preferred way to cook favourites and try new things.

Who knew the best toasties you’ve ever eaten will come from an air fryer, for example – that’s another gadget we can get rid of to make space for the Tefal.

How much does the Tefal air fryer cost?

Tefal Easy Fry Grill & Steam costs £189.99, but you can get £10 off that at アマゾン, アルゴス そして カリーズ.

Tefal air fryer review: 評決

Gadgets come and go from my kitchen – I test the latest products for a living, 結局. It’s rare that I keep on using them when I’ve come to the end of a job, but this one’s staying put.

It’s just such a versatile piece of kitchen kit. Air fryers are always associated with ‘beige food’ – the nuggets and waffles that aren’t always the healthiest choice for families.

But I steamed fresh fish, vibrant veggies and chargrilled healthy, lean meats just as easily. So no matter if it’s a chippy tea or a posh dinner party, this one’s an all-around hit.

  • Tefal EasyFry 3 に 1, £179 (£10の節約) アマゾンから – ここで購入