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Who is Amy Winehouse’s stepbrother Michael?

AMY Winehouse’s death in 2011 left her family devastated and sent shock waves around the world.

Winehouse left behind her stepbrother Michael with her passing. Voici ce que vous devez savoir sur lui.

Amy Winehouse died in 2011

Amy Winehouse died in 2011Crédit: Getty

Who is Amy Winehouse’s stepbrother Michael?

Very little is know about the private life of celle d'Amy stepbrother Michael, who before and after her death has kept away from the cameras.

Michael lives in London and is a trustee at the Amy Whinehouse Foundation, which aims to promote self-esteem and resilience in young people.

Michael works as a school safeguarding lead at Barnardo’s and has also established the youth charity Safaplace, which fundraises and campaigns on mental health issues.

Amy left behind stepbrother Michael with her passing

Amy left behind stepbrother Michael with her passingCrédit: Reuters

What has Michael said about Amy Winehouse?

In an interview to preview a BBC documentaire exploring the tenth anniversary of the star’s passing, Michael spoke to the Radio Times about his stepsister.

Michael said: “We were like Topsy and Tim. Amy and I shared a cot, shared a bath, first day at school, vacances.

She’s literally my oldest friend. Funny and energetic and self-willed, didn’t take prisoners, knew what she wanted.

Il ajouta: “I wish I’d known what I know now, been the person I am now. All the guilt and grief of losing her contributed to that understanding, but if only I’d had the competence and knowledge.

She might just have told me to eff off. I’d seen it happen to others, she shut them out, I suppose I was afraid of losing her.”

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