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Coronation Street fans terrified as Hope Stape has sinister plan for dad Tyrone

CORONATION Street fans are terrified for Tyrone Dobbs as stepdaughter Hope Stape revealed her sinister plan for him.

The mechanicwho is played by actor Alain Halsall dans le Savon ITVhas no idea Hope is planning to destroy him for leaving their family last year.

Hope has been causing chaos on the cobbles

Hope has been causing chaos on the cobblesCrédit: ITV

Viewers know Tyrone shacked up with Alina Pop after an ill-thought out affair, destroying his relationship with Fiz Stape.

Hope revealed tonight that she had been acting out because of Tyrone leaving the familydespite the fact he is back.

In tonight’s episode Hope terrorised her school when she was caught recreating one of her serial killer dad John Stape’s crimes.

She even pushed one teachera friend of her biological father’sinto early retirement with her morbid show with a hammer.

Hope was suspended from schooland let her parents believe it was all because she was worried Tyrone would leave again.

However she soon revealed her true sinister plan.

After tricking her dad into going upstairs to get her a blanket, Hope radioed for Sam who asked how she was.

“Pretty good actually,” she told Sam.

“I’ve got a week off school and my dad wrapped around my little finger.”

But then she added ominously: “I’m going to make him pay for letting me down.”

Viewers are terrified for Tyrone and fear Hope will make her biological dad John look like an amateur at killing.

On a écrit: “Hope is seriously messed up! #CoronationStreet #Corrie.


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Une seconde a dit: “I have never hated a child more than I do Hope Stape.

Un autre ajouté: “I can’t stand hope.