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Reiseexperten 5 Kostenlose Tricks, um den Urlaubskoffer zum Handgepäck zu verkleinern

A TRAVEL expert has revealed how holidaymakers can save money by only flying with carry-on luggage.

Airlines will often charge for people checking bags in nowadays, while some will even demand extra for passengers to take bigger bags in the cabin.

Packing non-essential items can take up too much space in suitcases

Packing non-essential items can take up too much space in suitcasesAnerkennung: Getty

jedoch, there are ways for people to keep costs down and still manage to take everything they need in their hand luggage.

Tom Walley from Corporate Traveller has revealed his top five tips for passengers looking to save on their baggage costs.

Book hotels with toiletries

Toilettenartikel are one of the bulkiest items to pack in hand luggage and can take up lots of vital space.

jedoch, lots of hotels will provide things like shampoo, shower gel and toothpaste meaning passengers don’t need to bring their own.

Tom told Nine.com.au that by making sure the accommodation will provide toiletries can reduce the amount people need to pack.

Pack versatile clothing

The need for different outfits on holiday can result in a bag full to the brim with clothing.

But packing versatile clothes means that items can be worn on more than one occasion.

Doing this will cut back the amount of things that need to be crammed into bags, saving space.

Make the most of small spaces in bags

Passengers often don’t make the most of the space they have in their bags, with spaces going to waste.

Tom recommends putting smaller items like jewellery or chargers inside shoes or coat pockets.

He also suggests rolling clothing to make it more compact.

Wear bulky clothing on the plane

Coats, boots and thick jumpers can take up a lot of space in bags, but sometimes they are needed on holidays.

jedoch, passengers are definitely permitted to wear some of their bulkier items for the flight, meaning they can take them along while not filling space in their bags.

Big coats will also have pockets, in which smaller items can be stored, creating extra room.

Review packing once it’s done

Passengers regularly pack clothes or items that never end up leaving the suitcase one they reach their destination.

Tom advises reviewing each item once it is packed and think whether or not it is really essential.

By cutting back on clutter, bags will be much lighter and less at risk of exceeding luggage allowances.

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Tom recommends rolling clothes when packing to make extra space

Tom recommends rolling clothes when packing to make extra spaceAnerkennung: Getty