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Susanna Reid in fiery clash with energy boss on GMB as he slams ‘ignorance

SUSANNA Reid faced a fiery clash with the boss of Utilita Energy on Good Morning Britain today who slammed herignorance”.

The heated exchange came after Susanna read out figures from the company’s financial statements, which included a turnover of £813million and a gross profit of £81million.

Bill Bullen is CEO of Utilita Energy

Bill Bullen is CEO of Utilita EnergyCrédito: ITV
Susanna Reid was challenged on the show

Susanna Reid was challenged on the show
The pair clashed during a fiery exchange

The pair clashed during a fiery exchangeCrédito: ITV

So your profit is £81million?”, Susanna asked Bill Bullen, CEO of Utilita Energy.

Furious Bill replied: “No, Susana, I’m really sorry, but that clearly shows you don’t know how to read financial statements.

I’m sure Martin is sitting next to you and completely understands that it’s the bottom line that counts.

That’s before you take into account all the costs of running a business. I know it’s a story that’s been reverberating around the Twittersphere for months now, but I’m sorry, it’s from ignorance. People just don’t know what they’re looking at.

Susanna’s co-host Martin Lewis stepped in to ask Bill more about the figures.

The CEO replied: “We’ve been losing £30million a year. In the month of December we’re losing £1million a day.

Susanna went back to Bill to argue why she’d asked him about the gross profit.

Right look, you’re here on the programme to answer questions.

It’s perfectly reasonable for you to set out the case.

I’m just in the position of saying this is the gross profit that’s on your account.

Bill insisted: “I understand.