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Ich bin Susanna Reid & Frankie Bridges PT, Hier ist ein 2-Minuten-Training für einen pfirsichfarbenen Hintern

DESPERATE for super toned glutes but not sure how to get a bum as shapely as Kim Kardashian’s?

Gut, the truth is, celebrities get the best advice when it comes to keeping themselves in shape.

Kim Kardashian showcases her famous bum in bikini snap

Kim Kardashian showcases her famous bum in bikini snapAnerkennung: Instagram
The glute bridge can do wonders for your bum

The glute bridge can do wonders for your bumAnerkennung: Jenny Francis Fitness
Cecilia Harris trains celebrity clients including Frankie Bridge

Cecilia Harris trains celebrity clients including Frankie BridgeAnerkennung: Getty

Personal trainers of the rich and famous spend hours researching and planning the ultimate workouts for their clients that promise results.

And there has been no bigger fitness trend in the last decade than that of “how to get a peachier booty.”

Thanks to the likes of the Kardashianer and co, a bigger, more curvaceous derrière is en vogue.

So how are we mere mortals meant to manage it?

Despite numerous videos of squats and lunges claiming to get you the bum of your dreams, celeb personal trainers have recently been shunning those exercises in favour of a new bum-boosting routine.

And the best bit? It only takes two minutes.

Using weights and performed on the floor, the ‘Two Minute Glute Bridge Challenge’ promises to build your bum better than any squat jump.

Cecilia Harris, who trains celebrity clients Frankie-Brücke, Wayne Bridge, Lucy Mecklenburgh, Kelly Hoppen und Susanna Reid, is one of the celebrity personal trainers who has shared the workout celebs are loving.

Cecilia, founder of health and fitness app ResultsWellnessLifestyle resultswellnesslifestyle.com sagt: “This is all about working the glutes to their absolute maximum.

“The bum muscles are not called the ‘gluteus maximus’ for no reasonthey are the largest muscle in the human body which means they take serious work to get them stronger and more toned.

“Squats and lunges are fantastic exercises, but they actually use our quad musclesthose big muscles at the front of our legsa lot more than the glutes.

“So when training celebs who really want to work their glutes and build their bums, personal trainers choose moves that focus on the glutes.

“The fact that the glutes are so big is also why we encourage clients to use weightsbecause adding extra resistance helps those large muscles to get the challenge they need to grow.

“Glute bridges have been popular for years with personal trainers because we know how effective such a simple move can be, but recently this form of glute bridge training has really taken offand it’s getting clients serious results.”


The two minute glute bridge challenge involves two minutes of solid work on the bum muscles.

It uses one simple movethe glute bridgebut with two different approaches; one slow, one fast.

Cecilia says: “The first minute is what we call ‘time under tension’.

“This is basically personal trainer talk for forcing our muscles to hold weight for longer and work harder under strain.

“The whole first minute of weighted glute bridges are performed in this wayslow and controlled.

"Nächste, without any rest in between, we switch one simple thing: the tempo.

“The second minute is speed.

“Everything else remains the same but by speeding up the movement we challenge the muscles to switch and use their fast-twitch muscle fibres, working them to their maximum when they are already tiredincreasing the output and upping the results.”


Cecilia says: “Clients like it because they can add it to the end of their workout, they can do it when they are time short or they can do it a few times throughout the day in two minute blocks.

“Another great thing about this two minute workout is that they can do it both with and without weights, so if they are in the gym, celebs can use weights, but if they are on set or on holiday, they can still get this two minutes in and work their bum to the max.

“It’s also silent, so no jumping around, which celebs like because they are often working abnormal hours.”

Lifting into a glute bridge, then lowering, works this huge muscle group very effectively

Lifting into a glute bridge, then lowering, works this huge muscle group very effectivelyAnerkennung: Jenny Francis Fitness


Find a space on the floor and lay down on your back.

Bend both knees and plant your feet flat on the floor.

Lift one, or two dumbbells (if using) and rest them on the crease of your hips.

With your head flat on the floor and your pelvis tucked under (squeeze your belly button into your spine), push into your feet and send your hips to the sky.

For the first minute we go slow.

A big push to the top of the bridge, hold for a second at the top, then slowly lower down and repeat, making sure you make extra effort to squeeze your glutes (your bum).

Der Rat ist befugt, einen Fall vor das Amtsgericht zu bringen, wenn er entscheidet, dass es sich um eine gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Belästigung handelt

Once one minute is complete, we take no rest and go straight into the fast version of the same exercise.

Push into the heels and make that up and down glute bridge twice the speed as round one.

Susannah Reid is also a fan of Cecelia Harris' training techniques

Susannah Reid is also a fan of Cecelia Harristraining techniquesAnerkennung: Instagram