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Faye Winter leva choque nos concorrentes da Love Island deste ano

FAYE Winter has taken a brutal swipe at this year’s Love Island contestants for not entering the competition for the right reasons.

The former ITV2 dating show contestantwho rose to fame last summerreferenced Islanders whoknow what they’re going in for”, and it’s not to find the love of their life.

Faye threw shade at the intentions of the latest Islanders

Faye threw shade at the intentions of the latest IslandersCrédito: Rex
She admitted she went into the show to find love with Teddy

She admitted she went into the show to find love with TeddyCrédito: Rex

Ilha do amor fans watched on last year as Faye, 27, and Teddy Soares on-off relationship took them all the way to the final.

The star hit out that despite her wanting to go into the villa to find love, she felt it wasn’t always the case for this year’s Love Island stars.

She referenced how some Islanders already had management in place as theyknow what they’re going in for” – hinting it could be fame.

Faye went on to detail how she always had her eye on finding love on the programme, finally finding it with Urso de pelúcia, 26.

Speaking to FUBAR radio, she hit out at the current stars, ditado: “Some people have already done in there with management.

They’re already setting up deals. Então, they already know what they’re going in there for.

I went in there with 1000 seguidores, I took a sabbatical from work, I was like ‘I’m coming back.’ Then I was in there for eight weeks.

Faye went on to say how grateful she was that she met boyfriend Teddy on the showas they are still going strong a year later.

I came out with exactly what I went in there for. And it’s weird because that’s what people always say to me ‘Oh my god, you and Teddy’,” ela continuou.

I’m like when we went in there, we were from completely different sides of the UK, and we never would have met. Então, we have to give everything and every thanks to Love Island.

It comes after Faye revealed viewers don’t see everything on the show’s live finalas they don’t show the full episode in full.

Speaking on her instagram stories, Faye revealed that we don’t see the complete version of the finalist’s declaration speeches on the ITV2 show.


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Faye, who is still with e esta é a verdade honesta after they got together on the show, was asked if she still has her and her boyfriend’s speeches framed.

Faye told her fans: “We actually do. Cute. Maybe a bit ick but we do still have them. They are very cute.

Ela continuou: “So weird isn’t it because you guys don’t actually get to see the full speeches. I always think that. I am always like there is more to that speech.

Faye explained that perhaps the reason we don’t see all of the speech is because of how long they go on for.

A estrela da realidade adicionou: “Well mine was really long anyway. I didn’t even know I was such a poet. Basically like a famous poet. I don’t know a famous poet, tão…”

Faye will next be seen on Celebrity Masterchef, which airs later this month.