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Pete Wicks di Towie preso di mira da truffatori che chiedono alle persone di uscire con appuntamenti a suo nome

PETE Wicks has warned followers not to fall for scammers who are posing as him in order to get information from them.

The Towie star, 32, took to Instagram to quash rumours he had been arranging a ‘dinner party’ with a select group of fans.

Scammers are using Pete's name and face to catfish viewers

Scammers are using Pete’s name and face to catfish viewersCredito: PAPÀ:Associazione della stampa
Pete has warned fans not to be fooled by cruel tricksters asking to meet up with them

Pete has warned fans not to be fooled by cruel tricksters asking to meet up with themCredito: Instagram

Sharing screengrabs on his Insta Stories, Pete was forced into action when skeptical followers messaged him to ask if the request was legit.

purtroppo, it wasn’tand it’s been happening so much he’s not setting the record straight to stop anyone falling victim.

Scrisse: “Right… I’m getting lots of messages from people saying they’ve received an email from me asking them out for dinner as a ‘special fan’. IT IS NOT ME.

“Do not give any of your details and do not reply. The email address they are using is NOT MINE.”

In a second grab, he shared the email that someone received, titled DINNER INVITATION.

“Thank you for the love and support hope you never stop loving me you mean the world to me,” the message read.

“The reason I send you a message is because you were selected as one of the fans to have a dinner sit-down with me. If you are interested then send me a notification.

“Yours faithfully, Pete Wicks.”

“As delightful as you all are this is the sort of s**t people are sending out,” the real Pete wrote underneath it. “IT IS NOT ME.”

The scam comes after Pete clarified where he stood with ex Chloe Sims after they were spotted looking close again.

But despite leaving the NTAs arm-in-arm, the Towie pair are remaining ‘close friends’ with Pete saying their romance was ‘in the past’.

Parlando in esclusiva a The Sun, Egli ha detto: “We are good as gold. We have been doing some filming together. I love filming with Chloe and Diags because we all have such a good laugh.

Sam Thompson enjoys lads night out with Pete Wicks

Things are all good. We have known each other so long and we have been through so much so it is nice that we are back to having fun and being pals.

There is no awkwardness. Chloe is amazing. She is one of the closest people to me other than Lockie.

So it is great when me and her can spend time together and have fun,” he added.

The scammers are offering invitations to dinner with Pete - even though Pete has nothing to do with it.

The scammers are offering invitations to dinner with Peteeven though Pete has nothing to do with it.Credito: Instagram

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