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Apple tells iPhone owners how to ‘fixbroken app after user complaints

APPLE has been forced to issue iPhone owners special advice on how to get around an issue with one of the company’s popular apps.

Just before Kersfees, gebruikers started complaining about problems with the Home app which is used to control smart devices.

Home upgrade didn't quite go to plan

Home upgrade didn’t quite go to planKrediet: appel

The firm recently introduced a new Home app architecture which is designed to make everything perform better.

But some said when they tried to update their kit they where left stuck atupdating” of “configuring”.

Others claimed HomeKit devices disappeared entirely.

And invites for other people to control your stuff apparently failed too.

As a result Apple pulled the new feature.

On its support page, het die maatskappy gesê: “We temporarily removed the option to upgrade to the new Home architecture.

The option to upgrade will return soon.

If you already upgraded, you are unaffected by this change.

Die iPhone maker has also issued guidance to anyone who can no longer connect to a home, or receive or accept a home invitation.

From the invited users iPhone or iPad, you’ll need to open the Home app and tap the three dot to see a list of homes.

Select a home, followed by the three dot menu, then Home Settings.

Scroll down until you see Remove Home.

Vir diegene met golwe soos ek, both the invited user and the home owner’s iPhone or iPad need to be restarted, as well as all Apple TV and HomePod devices you have around the home.

On the owner’s iPhone or iPad, go to the Home app.

Delete any pending invitations to the invited user.

Tap the three dot menu, followed by Home Settings.

Hit the guest’s name, then Cancel Invitation.

Uiteindelik, resend the invitation and it should work.

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