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Estoy tentado de pagar una escort porque mi mujer ya no quiere tener sexo

QUERIDA DEIDRE: HOW can I get my wife interested in sex with me.

She hasn’t been sleeping well for the last couple of years and has turned into the grumpiest woman I know.

My wife isn't interested in having sex with me and might pay an escort to satisfy my needs

My wife isn’t interested in having sex with me and might pay an escort to satisfy my needs

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Estoy 52, she’s 49 and I don’t think we’ve been intimate in six months.

She’s become obsessed with sleep and goes to bed at 9.30pm to try to settle.

When I go to bed, usually shortly before midnight, she moans that I’ve woken her up or disturbed her.

The next morning she complains that she hardly got a wink.
I am really missing the intimacy of sex with her.

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I realise her insomnia will be a big part of why we don’t have intercourse and I’ve tried to be understanding.

I’m beginning to think I may need to pay an escort to satisfy my needs.

DICE DEIDRE: Seeing a sex worker may relieve your frustration in the short-term but in the long-term it will simply lead to more problems, especially as the person you really want is your wife.

Your wife is at an age where she could be menopausal, which in itself could be affecting her libido and her insomnia.

Encourage your wife to see her GP or a menopause clinic who will be able to advise on treatment that would help with both her insomnia and her loss of libido.