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Die verängstigte Gemma Collins eilte mit einem schmerzhaften medizinischen Notfall zu Ärzten, die sie davon überzeugten, dass sie „gebären“ würde.

GEMMA Collins has revealed she suffered a terrifying medical emergency that had her convinced she was giving birth.

The 41-year-old told how she wascrippledwith pain before being forced to seek medial attention.

Gemma revealed she suffered a terrifying medical emergency

Gemma revealed she suffered a terrifying medical emergencyAnerkennung: Rex
The star recently shared her money-saving tips

The star recently shared her money-saving tipsAnerkennung: Instagram

Gemma sagte: “It has been one hell of a week. On Monday morning I was trying to chill out and catch up on emails.

All of a sudden I’m crippled over in pain thinking, ‘OMG, I’m about to give birth to a baby that I don’t know I’m having’.

Talking on The Gemma Collins Podcast, Sie hat hinzugefügt: “I called the doctor and managed to get down to the doctors.

I thought about calling an ambulance but I was like, maybe not, just check it out first.

So I was being told that basically, more or less I was passing a kidney stone. So that was the start to my week.

Former Towie star Gemma recently used the podcast to share tips on how she’s cutting back on household spending amid the cost of living crisis.

The star explained: “The cost of living crisis, yes I have the news on, I try not to but I said I’m going to spend October and November trying to make sensible cutbacks because if you look after the pennies they look after you.

“I have done something with every meal time, I go into my cupboards and make some serious cutbacks like everyone else.

It is scary, mortgages are going up, electrics going up.

I’m telling everyone not to put the heating on in my house.

I’m making sure every lights are off, I normally have every TV switched on in the roomnot necessarily watching something, but I’d have TV on in one room, music on in the other, but I’ve really been mindful to cut back on all of that.