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TEEN Mom Kailyn Lowry leaked text messages from her ex-husband Javi Marroquin after he had slammed her as being “irrespectueux” à lui.

A screenshot of an alleged text sent to Kailyn, 29, surfaced on Reddit.

Kailyn Lowry allegedly leaked a text message from Javi Marroquin

Kailyn Lowry allegedly leaked a text message from Javi MarroquinCrédit: Facebook
Kailyn reportedly asked Javi's 'sister' on her podcast

Kailyn reportedly asked Javi’s ‘sisteron her podcastCrédit: Instagram/Javi Marroquin

The caption stated: “Don’t ever ask my sister to be on your podcast.

Respect that at least for once in your life.

The message continued: “We will be strictly Lincoln.

You live your life without my family.

The statement concluded: “Period. You’re so disrespectful.

Kailyn is also the mother of 11-year-old son Issac with Jo Rivera and 8-year-old son Lincoln, who she shares with Fais-moi savoir.

Les plus lus à la télévision

elle se tenait la main sur la hanche et a fait un large sourire à la caméra

elle se tenait la main sur la hanche et a fait un large sourire à la caméra

elle se tenait la main sur la hanche et a fait un large sourire à la caméra

Chris Lopez and Kailyn share their sons Lux, quatre, et Creed, une.

fans SLAM Jade Cline pour "ne pas prioriser 2 star reportedly replied with a laughing emoji and added: “You’re weird.


Redditors found themselves siding with Javi over his former partner in the comments section.

One Reddit user said: “Though I do agree Kail should leave his family out of s**t. It is disrespectful.

Another user argued: “I don’t understand why this isn’t too embarrassing for her to share.

Maybe I’m just a wuss, but I don’t like to publicize it when someone is mad at me.

A third user added: “Going on a podcast to argue with one of your three baby baddies is just cringe.

If she wants to set boundaries and have an actual conversation, here’s a novel ideado it without a camera.

Les téléspectateurs ont été choqués alors qu'ils sautaient dans la section des commentaires de Twitter, partageant de la pitié pour l'athlète et riant de sa misère: “I get that it’s his sister, but the question of his sister and Kail doing an episode together should’ve stayed between them.

And that screenshot shouldn’t have been posted on social media.


De retour en mai 2021, Kailyn spoke about her relationship with Javi’s sister Lidia during an episode of Kailyn’s Baby Mamas No Drama podcast.

The MTV mom admitted: “One of the hardest things for me for all of my relationships was breaking up with the other people in the family.

She specifically called out Javi’s sister, whom she at first named as one of her “really good friends.”

The TV star changed her mind and wentout on a limb” to mention that she was one of her “best friends,” along with one of Javi’s cousins.

The twosome had become so close during Kailyn’s relationship with Javi that Lidia was part of the former couple’s wedding back in 2021.

Kailyn continued: “So when Javi and I got divorced, it was really sad.

“Even now, when I think back, Je suis comme, ‘Damn, it didn’t really have to end the way it did.’

elle a conclu: “Because then I could’ve at least maintained the relationship a little bit.”

The TV personality claimed Lidia was one of her “best friends” before she stopped talking to her and her kids.

Javi pictured with his son Lincoln

Javi pictured with his son LincolnCrédit: Instagram/Javi Marroquin
Kailyn called out Javi for being weird

Kailyn called out Javi for being weirdCrédit: TIC Tac / @kaillowry
Lidia and Javi Marroquin posed for a photo together

Lidia and Javi Marroquin posed for a photo togetherCrédit: Instagram/Javi Marroquin

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