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Sono stato colpito con una fattura di £ 4k quando Thames Water ha affermato che lo uso 5,000 litri al GIORNO

THAMES Water is charging a man for 5,000 litres of water a daybut he swears he’s hardly home.

The dad-of-two from South Londra says that he was slapped with a £4,000 bill for his water usage last year despite the fact he and his family are barely ever home.

Varun and his wife were charged for 5,000 litres a day

Varun and his wife were charged for 5,000 litres a dayCredito: BPM

The eyewatering bill comes as a massive shock to Varun, 35, who says he would usually be charged £27 a month for water at his old home in Harrow.

Ever since Varun moved to his new place in Croydon in 2020, he has been charged an average of £333 per month and says he has no idea why.

He also claims that Thames Water has been insisting the family have been using 5,000 litres of water a day even though they spend most of their time out of the house.

Parlando con MyLondon, Varun said: “I was shocked when checking the invoice in my online Thames Water account.

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I thought it might be some system error because before moving to Croydon, I used to live in Harrow and I used to pay around £27 per month as my water bill.

When I moved to my current house in October 2020, my water usage was around 300 litres per day according to last year’s bills. But suddenly after February 2021, it started showing my usage as around 5,000 litres per day.

Varun says he was charged for water usage in November 2021, despite he and his family being in India for a month at the time.

He also believes his family doesn’t use water beyond what’s considered normal and doesn’t think there’s a leak.

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Egli ha detto: “Our water usage is normal. It includes regular daily activities and a quick bath in the morning.

We wash our clothes two to three times a week. I do not wash my car or have a garden where we would use lots of water.

After I got this bill, the first thing I did was get a plumber to check for any leaks. The plumber said that there are no leaks inside the house.

He also claims his wife called Thames Water many times but wasn’t able to get through. Finalmente, a marzo 22 a Thames Water worker visited their home but leftwithout properly finding out about the issue”.

Seven tips to cut your bill

Here are

  1. Change the way you wash up

When it comes to washing dishes, be sure you turn the tap off. If you’re doing it in the sink, leaving it running will add £25 to your annual bill.

2. Take shorter showers estimates the annual cost of a daily bath is £300, compared to £230 if you shower instead – a saving of £70 a year.

3. Check your garden hose

Regularly check hoses, connectors and taps for leaks.

4. Use a water filter

One expert has said anyone using a water filter jug at home instead of splashing out on bottled water will save between £2.50 and £5 a day.

5. Get help paying your bills

Il WaterSure scheme helps people on benefits with school age children or who need water for medical reasons.

6. Get a water meter

Martin Lewis recently urged households to check whether they should get a meter to save as much as £500 a year.

The average saving after getting a meter is £200 a year, according to the Consumer Council for Water (CCW).

7. Get freebies from your water company

Many water companies will give you free water-saving devices that could help to cut your bills.

Varun said: “We have been again contacting Thames Water to send someone to get our meter checked or find any leaks outside our home.

Clearly we cannot afford to pay this amount. As such we are struggling with an increase in energy bills and other costs of living here.

We can hardly make ends meet every month, so paying around £300 to £350 per month on water is out of question.

One of Thames Water’s chat agents told us that if they find any issues with the current bill in due course they will refund us. But they don’t understand where we are supposed to find the money to start with.

Thames Water said: “We’re sorry for the inconvenience and worry this has caused the family and are re-checking their account as a priority.

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We’ve identified some readings from their water meter that require further investigation and will keep the family updated on our progress.

We’ll also put the account on hold until the case has been fully resolved.