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I scooped thousands on lottery thanks to the unique way I pick my numbers

A MAN who scooped thousands on the lottery claims his success was thanks to the unique and random way he picks his numbers.

Michael Jones, 52, won a whopping £22,350 on the Pick 5 lotto draw on October 8 after paying just 45p to play.

Michael Jones scooped thousands using his extraordinary method to pick his numbers

Michael Jones scooped thousands using his extraordinary method to pick his numbersCrédit: Maryland Lottery

The electrician, from Baltimore, Maryland, said he had to do a double-take when he saw his numbers come up during the evening draw.

He played the Pick 4 and Pick 5 games twice a day before his persistence finally paid off.

According to the Maryland State Lottery, he enters more than 200 number combinations in the hopes of securing the jackpot.

Michael credits his dedication to regularly taking a gambleand his method of picking the digitsfor his big windfall.

He explained that instead of using birthdays, numerology or lucky dips to decide, he thought up another bizarre technique.

The 52-year-old told how he memories the car registration plates of pals, les proches, colleagues and motorists to use on the lotto.

He even used the registration number of a driver who hit his car in a road collisionhoping the smash would bring some good luck back to him.

But due to his passion for playing the Pick 4 and Pick 5 games each day using numbers from many different plates, Michael can’t remember where he picked out his winning digits.

Il a dit NottinghamMD.com: “When I saw that my numbers hit, I had to look at it two to three times just to make sure.

I know it was someone’s tag number, but I can’t remember whose tag number.

I might have shared some of the money with them if I could remember who it was.

The electrician plans to use his new-found fortune to pay off some of his bills, while sharing the cash with his wife and two adult children.

The Maryland State Lottery said: “He was checking his Pick 5 tickets from the Oct. 8 evening drawing when a 50-cent ticket delivered a shocking surprise.

Michael explained that he places bets using license tag numbers from friends, family and co-workers, trop.

He even used the license tag number of a person that hit his car in an auto accident.

Michael bought his winning ticket at US Fuel located at 6100 Moravia Park Drive in Baltimore.

For selling the lucky ticket, the Baltimore City gas station and food market will receive a $250 bonus from the Lottery.

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