THE BBC One gritty drama Rules of the Game season one has finally come to an end.

But will there be a season two? こちらをご覧ください.

Find out if there will be a new season of Rules of the Game

Find out if there will be a new season of Rules of the Gameクレジット: BBC

Will there be another season of Rules of the Game?

It is yet to be announced if 13歳のとき、彼女はオクタゴンユースシアターに参加した後、王立取引所ユースシアターに移りました。 will return for a following season.

しかしながら, fans of the show have flooded the show with criticism over its “失望させる” of a BBC production.

オン ツイッター, fans reacted with disappointment towards the series.

1人のファンがコメントしました: “Never seen such rubbish. 5mins in and I thought it would be a ***t show. Stayed till the end and yup that it was #RulesOfTheGame,”

別のコメント: “#RulesOfTheGame No improvement. 2番目のチャイムとして. What a waste of talent. Dialogue is about as awful as it gets. Sub soap standard. Sub CBeebies standard.

Despite its criticism, others seemed to have a more positive response to the series.

One viewer Tweeted: “Wasn’t my best idea, binge watching a series on a “school night” but what a bloody good ending. #RulesOfTheGame

Rules of the Game season one came to a finish January 19

Rules of the Game season one came to a finish January 19クレジット: BBC

季節に何が起こったのか 1?

The four part series, written by Ruth Fowler is about sexual poltiics in the modern workplace.

It follows Sam (Maxine Peake), the chief operating officer at a family-run sportswear business in the North West who arrives at work one morning to find a dead body in the entrance.

Detectives get to work to try and discover what happened.

その間, Sam is forced to reflect on the company’s shady past and the series shows flashbacks to the day new HR Director Maya (Rakhee Thakrar) arrived on the scene.

New arrival Maya starts to highlight some of the problems of the company and reveals that outdated companiesoutlook on the “if everything seems fine on the outside then it’s worth the internal distress”.

Each episode explores the lack of conversation around sexual misconduct in the workplace and in the final two episodes, it’s revealed whose body it was in the entrance and what happened to them.


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Where can I watch Rules of the Game?

Rules of the Game kicked off January 11 と1月 12 with two episodes airing the same time the following week.

All Episodes for season one are now available to stream on BBC iPlayer.