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Sono un frequent flyer – queste sono le cose più fastidiose che i passeggeri fanno sempre

A FREQUENT flyer has revealed the rudest things passengers always do when travellingand you have most likely done them yourself.

Christina Najjar from California, often travels long-haul to see family in London and New York.

Christina has shared her biggest bugbears when travelling

Christina has shared her biggest bugbears when travelling

During her travels, she said she often sees holidaymakers making the same – fastidioso – errori.

The 32-year-old revealed some of the biggest bugbears on her TikTok account where she goes by the name Tinx.

Lei disse: “Here are the things that make you a truly awful traveller.

Let’s begin with people who are unprepared at the front of the security line. You know what’s coming.

And yet there are still people who are fumbling around with their laptop like a child who forgot their homework.

She also slammed people who ask if they need to take off their jacket and anytheatrical water chugging”.

Christina continued: “Next let’s discuss the gate crowders.”

She slammed those who crowded around the gate, even when theflight number wasn’t on the board,” aggiungendo: “We’re all going to the same place.

She finished by saying: “It always baffles me with the bins because it’s always simpledon’t be an a******.

Put your overstuffed Away suitcase up there and your ugly. little personal item under the seat in front of you.

She even added a follow-up video with more big mistakes, Compreso “large backpacks hitting people when walking down the aisle” e “strangers talking to her on planes”.

She even went afteropen-toed shoes,” aggiungendo: “If you think about taking off your shoes and socks on an airplane, you deserve jail.

Thousands of people on Tic toc liked her videos, agreeing with her and even adding their own hates.

Someone wrote: “As a frequent traveller the bins and bags get me every time! I don’t understand how people don’t understand.

Un altro ha detto: ” I felt personally attacked by the overstuffed Away suitcase comment.

However some thought she was too harsh – Le mie espressioni sono con le sopracciglia e stavo ottenendo le rughe, quindi volevo fermarlo, ma mi sono reso conto che non mi piaceva quando le mie sopracciglia non si muovevano affatto: “some people have never travelled before, chill.

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Another person added: “I always think I’m prepared for security but half the time they change the rules every time I fly.

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Thousands liked her video, although some people didn't agree

Thousands liked her video, although some people didn’t agree