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Las heridas de terror de un niño después de que un matón le arrojara una pelota cubierta de gasolina en la CARA

A BOY is recovering from horror injuries after bullies set him on fire with a gasoline-covered tennis ball in front of his sister.

Six-year-old Dominick Krankall is suffering from second- and third-degree burns to his face and legs after the April 24 incidente.

The boy suffered from second- and third-degree burns

The boy suffered from second- and third-degree burnsCrédito: GoFundMe
The boy's sister says this isn't the first time this bully has hurt Krankall

The boy’s sister says this isn’t the first time this bully has hurt KrankallCrédito: GoFundMe

Krankall’s sister, Kayla Deegan, told NBC Connecticut the boy was in the backyard when the incident occurred, playing with neighbors who live on the same property in Bridgeport.

As soon as he walked down the stairs, the bully called his name and lured him over around the corner, and in a matter of seconds he came back around the corner screaming, saying ‘Mommy, they lit me on fire,'” Deegan said.

Deegan provided additional details, saying that an 8-year-old neighbor managed to get into a shed on the property, somehow also gaining access to gasoline and lighters.

Upon securing the items, the neighbor called Krankall over, Deegan claims.


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What he did was pour gasoline on a tennis ball, took a lighter, lit it up and just chucked it right at my brother’s face — and then ran away from him and watched him burn,” Deegan said.

Krankall is being treated at the burn unit at Bridgeport Hospital.

Police announced on April 26 they are looking into reports that multiple children were playing with gasoline and setting things on fire.

While Krankall is expected to survive, Deegan told NBC Connecticut this is not the first time the 8-year-old neighbor, whom she refers to as a bully, has harmed her brother.

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Two months ago under the bully’s mother’s supervision, he was pushed into a wall and fell to the floor. And again, the mother refuses to admit her kid did it,” Deegan said.

Police and fire teams continue to investigate the incident. Charges have not yet been filed.

Krankall’s family is looking to raise funds to go towards hospital bills, with the goal of moving out of the neighborhood they’re currently in.

A GoFundMe has raised more than $260,000. In the description of the fundraiser, Deegan claims Krankall told his mother: “Please don’t take me back there.”

Deegan called the situationheartbreaking.

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There’s nothing being done about this,” ella dijo.

This needs to be seen everywhere so everyone knows Dom’s story and what he had to go through, and the extent it went to for someone to hopefully do something.

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