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Masked Dancer’s Tomato Sauce reveals clever trick she used to keep show a secret

THE Masked Dancer star Steph McGovern has revealed the clever trick she used to cover up her real identity on the show.

The TV presenter was unmasked over the weekendas she told fans she “absolutely loved” being on the hit ITV show.

Steph was unmasked on the ITV show over the weekend

Steph was unmasked on the ITV show over the weekendCrédito: ITV
She revealed how she disguised her voice to hide her identity

She revealed how she disguised her voice to hide her identityCrédito: ITV

On Saturday night, the judging panel chose to unmask Tomato Sauce, before it was revealed that Steph, 40, was under the mask.

Discussing her time on O dançarino mascarado, Steph shared that it had been “incredibly hard” to keep her appearance on the show a secret.

Contudo, as she spoke on her TV show Steph’s Packed Lunch yesterday, she revealed one handy trick that appeared to help.

Steph told fans that she spoke in a posh southern accent in order tocover upher tell-talenorthern vowelsduring the VT appearances.

The star also apologised to everyone she hadlied toafter she was unmasked after she previously denied being on the programme during an episode of Steph’s Packed Lunch.

When quizzed on whether herfamily knewabout her time in the competition, Steph hit back: “Just my partner.

After being voted off the show, Steph shared: “I love the show and I love dancing. I’m rubbish at keeping secrets so I’m proud of myself.

After her big reveal, fans of the hit show said they’d guessed it was Steph all alongthanks to a series of helpful clues.

The naughty tomato teased they put thesauce into saucyand were astaple at meal times” – hinting at her weekday TV show.

Hinting at their ability to get on with anyone in interviews, ela disse “a good sauce can be paired with anything”.

Eles continuaram: “Have a squeeze, I won’t judge what you put it on.

Describing themselves as theheart of the table” eles adicionaram “many an important conversation is had while breaking bread.

Discussing her Tomato Sauce character, Steph said: “My character is literally my opposite – cute/sweet/affectionate.

As soon as I am in costume I become my alter ego. I’m nothing like her. I’m a sarcastic, direct northern lass. She’s so sickly cute.

She described the time on the show as “surreal” and “exhilarating” while saying she thought judge Oti Mabuse was going to “suss [sua] straight away.”

Steph added: “We’re friends but she didn’t get it for a while. I was pleased about that. I was over the moon with the feedback. I’m not a dancer but they made me feel like one.”