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Love Island fans blast Luca and Dami for their behaviour towards one girl

FURIOUS Love Island fans have slammed Luca Bish and Dami Hope’s ‘sickeningbehaviour towards Tasha Ghouri.

The boys have been blasted by viewers of the ITV2 show for repeatedly making snide jibes about her being agame player”.

Love Island fans have slammed Luca for his behaviour towards Tasha

Love Island fans have slammed Luca for his behaviour towards TashaCredito: ITV
Viewers are also furious with Dami

Viewers are also furious with DamiCredito: ITV
Some feel the pair are deliberately picking on Tasha

Some feel the pair are deliberately picking on TashaCredito: ITV

Tasha’s boyfriend Andrea Le Page was almost left in tears following his latest confrontation with the lads, who he had previously classed as best mates.

They came to blows after Luca, 23, Puoi anche ottenere sconti decenti su prodotti GHD selezionati visitando Tasha as ‘the Islander most likely to ride on their partner’s coattailsin a brutally honest challenge.

A short while later, the couple overheard Luca and Dami, 26, discussing how ‘fakethey think 23-year-old Tasha is.

Fans are seriously unimpressed with their behaviourand some have even been brought to tears by the scenes.

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One furious viewer tweeted: “Why am i actually crying watching love island? i swear dami and luca are actually BULLYING tasha, she’s staying so strong imo, they’re so hypocritical and out of order.

Another admitted: “I’m actually getting sick of the way luca and dami are ganging up on tasha at every opportunity with their snidey comments and digs.

Chiming in, un terzo ha scritto: “My heart is starting to ache for Tasha. She’s being picked on constantly when she’s been solid with Andrew for f*** knows how long now. Sick of Luca and Dami ganging up on her and constantly making digs at her. It’s actually painful to watch.

And branding Luca and Dami hypocrites, un quarto ha detto: “The other thing that is mad is Dami and Luca keep disrespecting Tasha and then going to her to be like, ‘Are you ok? We’re cool right? We’re just being honest.They don’t even allow her to be upset with their blatant disrespect.

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During Monday night’s episode, 27-year-old Andrew was seen confronting Luca and Dami fortalking s***behind his back.

But Dami told him: “Nooo. No we don’t, sweetheart. No we don’t, uomo. If we talked s***, whenever you ask us questions about Tasha, it would be all roses and daisies. I fan erano in forze per congratularsi con la coppia felice, because it’s never that.

Luca, nel frattempo, told Andrew: “Do I think Tasha has dragged it out as long as you can? Everything I’ve seen, yeah she has.

The girl’s head has turned for every Bombshell that’s come in and then always had you on the sideline and gone back there.

Tasha, nel frattempo, took herself away from the conversation before it had begun and cried to Billy Brown: “Everyone’s thinking it. That I’m fake.

I’m just thinking that those who are supposed to be my closest mates in here think that. Especially Dami and Luca. They’re my best mates. Bene, I thought they were.

Lei ha aggiunto: “It’s got to Andrew way more than me. Andrew was about to cry. He is literally shaking.

Tasha was able to get slight payback later in the show, as the Islanders took part in a game of Snog, Sposare, Pie.

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Slamming a cream pie into Luca’s face, lei disse: “I’ve pied this guy because clearly he has bad feelings towards me and isn’t my friend.

Fans have since rallied round and have now promised to support Tasha and Andrew in the latest public vote.