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Posso trainare un rimorchio per cavalli? Regole di guida spiegate

THERE are strict rules to be aware of when it comes to towing a horse in a trailer.

Horse owners need to follow these regole wherever they are transporting their horse.

Horses can be transported in a horsebox by car

Horses can be transported in a horsebox by carCredito: Getty Images – Getty

Do I need a licence to tow a horse trailer?

The rules must be followed in order to keep road users and the horses safe.

Some road users will need to get an additional, special licence to be authorised to tow a horse trailer and this depends on the vehicle and trailer combination you have, as well as the date you got your driving licence.

An important concept to be aware of, is the MAMMaximum Authorised Mass.

This means the weight of your vehicle after the trailer and horse are loaded up.

You may be able to find out your vehicle’s MAM, by looking at its vehicle identification number plate, typically under the bonnet or inside the driver’s door.

If you passed your driving test after January 1st 1997, then you are allowed to tow a trailer with a MAM up to 750kg.

If you are towing a trailer that exceeds 750kg, then you will need to get an additional licence, known as a category B+E licence.

This licence allows you to tow a horse box trailer of up to 3500kg.

There is also a category C1 licence which permits you to tow a horse trailer of over 3500kg but not oner 7500kg.

Generalmente, the weight of a horse box is above the standard MAM and therefore it is likely that you will have to take the car and trailer driving test to get your B+E licence.

tuttavia, you will not have to take your theory test ancora.

If you fail to have the correct licence, this can result in a hefty fine, points on your licence, and on occasion, jail time.

Do you need insurance to pull a horse trailer?

You are not legally required to take out independent insurance to pull a horse trailer, although it is advised.

If you take out horsebox insurance, you will be covered on theft or damages to your horsebox, as well as your additional possessions inside.

tuttavia, if your horsebox is motorised then vehicle insurance is a legal requirement.

Can you tow a horsebox with a car?

You can use a car to tow a horsebox, however it is important to consider the size of your car and the length of your journey.

If your car is too small or does not have the right power to cope with the journey’s length or conditions, then it could be dangerous for the horse.