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Gli spettatori di Death in Paradise scioccati da Les Dennis’ trasformazione in Xmas Special

DEATH in Paradise fans were left shocked at actor Les Dennistransformation during the hit programme’s Christmas special.

Attore Les played the role of Danny Sheridan in the 2022 festive special after joining the long-running BBC drama programme in a guest capacity.

Fans could not get over the transformation

Fans could not get over the transformationCredito: BBC
Les did not look like his usual self on the show

Les did not look like his usual self on the showCredito: BBC
He looked worlds away from his usual self

He looked worlds away from his usual selfCredito: ITV

However fans could not believe their eyes as Les had undergone a serious transformation for the role and looked worlds away from his usual self.

Durante l'episodio, the team look into the case of a podcast presenter who was murdered after she began to research a case involving the disappearance of a young child.

Lescharacter Danny assisted the team on the island of Saint Marie in an effort to help solve the case.

But fans of the feature-length special, which aired on Boxing Day, were left stunned at his incredible new look.

The actor can usually be seen with grey hair but he had dyed it a much darker colour for the role.

Prendendo su Twitter, un fan ha scritto: “Can’t get over how much Just for Men went into Les Dennis’ look 😶

Another fan commented: “Enjoying this episode of #DeathInParadise, although there are two things wrong with it. 1) The theme music – 2) Les Dennis’s hair.

Some viewers were even comparing Les to the great EastEnders character, Arthur Fowler.

Writing alongside an image of Les in character, one viewer mused: “Genuinely thought this was Arthur Fowler.

As another agreed, affermando: “Oh caro, Les Dennis looks like Arthur Fowler from EastEnders…..

Lesappearance in the hit show comes amid viewer cries to the BBC to change the theme tune after it fell flat during the latest broadcast.

Viewers were left unhappy with the programme’s updated theme music to accompany the opening credits.

Whilst showing aerial shots of the beautiful locations and landscapes, the music kicks in but fans were not happy with the inclusion of lyrics and are already asking for it to be removed.

Prendendo su Twitter, one unhappy fan remarked: “I loved the longer episode but please put the original title music back on. The one with the lyrics just doesn’t give the start of the programme that uplift that people love. The original music is so upbeat and change isn’t always a good thing.

A fellow fan agreed, aggiungendo: “I do not like the theme music with words….. #deathinparadise.

The star usually sports a flurry of grey hair

The star usually sports a flurry of grey hairCredito: Getty Images – Getty
Les was a guest star on the show

Les was a guest star on the show