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I earn $1,600 by lunchtime with my side hustlejust by selling trash

A MAN who quit his job has revealed how he makes $1,600 before lunch through his side hustle.

Businessman John Wilker says he has been able to enjoytime and financial freedomby reselling trash.

John Wilker has explained how he makes over $1600 before lunch

John Wilker has explained how he makes over $1600 before lunchCrédit: The Simple Biz
The businessman has been recycling pallets for years

The businessman has been recycling pallets for yearsCrédit: Getty

The YouTuber explains that his side hustle involves flipping industrial products such as pallets, crates and cardboard boxes.

John who acts as a middleman between companies says there isone item on the planet that’s invisible that moves everything elseand that createsa huge demand”.

That’s the reason the businessman has spent years recycling wooden pallets.

He says he gets them from a supplier for free and sells them straight away without needing to lift, repair or store them.

He states in his bio: “A simple business is hard to find, would you not agree?

That’s why I’ve stuck to flipping wooden pallets for the last 23 années.

I get them for free by the thousands from businesses that don’t want them and sell them to business that need to ship their inventory out everyday.

He adds that ifwooden pallets didn’t exist everything would come to a standstill but no one pays attention to it.

John says his side hustle allows him to have all the free time he wants as well as financial freedom.

He says his job issimple and easy to executeif done correctly and only requiresa handful of customersto make it work.

And the businessman is determined to show others how to follow his example andno longer need to train their time for money”.

entre-temps, a Tiktoker has revealed how his cheeky side hustle earns him £10,000 a month.

A mum-of-three said she quit her boring job for a £32,000 a month side hustle but her friends have shunned her.

And this Tiktoker has made $100k on Etsy without having to do any of the work producing and shipping the products.

John acts like the middleman between companies

John acts like the middleman between companiesCrédit: The Simple Biz