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Love Island stars treated to a secret luxury EVERY week that never airs

LOVE Island super-fans will all be familiar with what the standard day-to-day is like for the islanders on the show.

Viewers only see a one-hour round-up of the full 24 hours that the contestants spend in the villa, and there’s quite a lot we miss out on.

The islanders' dates rarely involve food

The islandersdates rarely involve food

It’s no secret that we rarely see the islanders eating, unless it’s for a challenge.

From the gross food-related challenges which see islanders spitting in one another’s mouths, to the adorable cooking challenges, there’s definitely a variety.

jedoch, dates very rarely involve food, and when they do, it’s never a meal.

Previous contestants have revealed that they rarely eat on camera, because it’s hard to have clear recordings of conversations when you’re chowing down on some food.

Ebenfalls, it’s quite nice to have a little bit of time off.

As much as past islanders have spoken about their private meal times and how the cast and crew all sit down together for lunch and dinner (they make their own breakfast), it’s now been confirmed by one of the show’s bosses.

ITV boss Mike Spencer has answered a number of fansquestions about the show.

The executive producer was asked about what really goes down during mealtimes, and spilled the beans on a special treat they all get weekly.

The fan asked Mike: “We see the islanders having breakfast together and snacking throughout the day… what do they typically eat at mealtimes?

I assume you have a team of chefs on-site for the islanders and production crew. Do you all eat together?”

Die meisten lesen im Fernsehen

Olivia Attwood von Love Island trägt im Urlaub in Dubai einen KLEINEN „Offensiv“-Bikini


Olivia Attwood von Love Island trägt eine TINY-Offensive’ Bikini im Urlaub in Dubai

The exec replied, letting the fan know that this had actually been asuper popular question”.

Er erklärte: “So the Islanders tend to make their own breakfast and we cater for them at lunch and dinner.

They have a real mix of foods, everything from lovely fresh salads to roast dinners on a Sunday!”

Ja, even in the Majorcan heat, all of the islanders have the delicious option of a roast dinner.

Mike fügte hinzu: “Even in the heat they still have a roast dinner”.

Love Island stars this June on ITV2

The disgusting food challenges is one of the few times we see the islanders with food

The disgusting food challenges is one of the few times we see the islanders with food