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Khloe Kardashian slammed for her ‘unacceptabletreatment of niece Chicago

KHLOE Kardashian has been slammed for her unacceptable treatment of her niece Chicago, vier, in resurfaced photos.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum has been accused by fans of similar treatment to her own daughter True, vier.

Khloe's sister Kim Kardashian with her daughter Chicago

Khloe’s sister Kim Kardashian with her daughter ChicagoKrediet: Mega
Khloe Kardashian was ripped by her fans for using a filter on niece Chicago

Khloe Kardashian was ripped by her fans for using a filter on niece ChicagoKrediet: Instagram/Khloe Kardashian

A popular Kardashian-dedicated Reddit board reposted selfie a pair of photos Khloe, 38, took of herself and niece, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter, Chicago, vier.

In the photos, Aunt Khloe wears large square sunglasses as she and her niece pucker their lips to make pouty faces for the camera.

While the snapshot seemed fairly standard, fans noticed a distasteful detail that garnered the scorn of many of the picture’s viewers.

It seemed that Khloe had applied a beautification filter to not just herself but to Chicago as well.


Khloe fans think her 'head looks bigger than her BODY' in startling new photos


Khloe fans think her ‘head looks bigger than her BODYin startling new photos

The Redditor titled the board: “I’m so happy that Kanye publicly called out Khloe for this a few months ago, she needs to cut this s**t out.

More Kardashian fans voiced their dislike for Khloe’s child filtering habits in the comment thread of the post.

Een aanhanger het geskryf: “I f**king hate that she does this”, with another commenting, “I agree with Kanye in the respect that children should not have makeup or filters put on them”.

'n Derde persoon bygevoeg: “This is so demented. I have a one-year-old daughter and I refuse to use any sort of ‘beautifying’ filter on her and I won’t do it as she gets older either. This is so f**king insane.

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Another Redditor commented: “Imagine looking at your baby pictures and having no idea what you actually looked like at that age because your weirdo mom and crazy aunts slapped beauty filters on you the entire time.

Hulle het voortgegaan, “That’s gonna be a weird feeling to think even as a toddler you weren’t good enough or cute enough in your own family’s eyes”.

One person reasoned: “They’re not even thinking about or looking at how the kids look in those photos/videos they’re only looking at themselves.

Causing a fan to ask, “Can you use a filter on just one person in the photo though? Ek dink…these types of filters just apply to everything in the photo?”

Another Redditor agreed with the assumption, skryfwerk “You’re probably right. The kids are just collateral damage to their parents’ low self-esteem issues.


The Hulu star has been called out recently for supposedly photoshopping selfies of herself with her daughter True.

The reality star’s fans noticed that her four-year-old’s nose looked different in the snaps, which they took to be a tell-tale sign of editing.

Khloe smiled and cuddled True in two cute photos taken from their family day out.

The Good American founder captioned it: “My most favorite girl.

Her critics shared the shots on Reddit and accused her of retouching her daughter’s face in them.

Een aanhanger het geskryf: “I feel like she edited True’s face…

Nog een het bygevoeg: “I was thinking the samewhy do this to your sweet child? Vir [Instagram] aesthetics? Poor soul.

A third person posted: “Omg what did she do to True’s nose when she was editing. I’m dying.

This is not the first time Khloe has been caught in an editing scandal over True, who she shares with her ex Tristan Thompson, 31.

Back in December, eagle-eyed fans claimed someone hadbadly editedTrue’s face over someone else next to Kim’s daughter Chicago.

The original photos showed Chicago, vier, beaming at the camera next to “Tristan het 'n seun verwek met” during a trip to the attraction.

Khloe accidentally let slip that the snaps were fake back in April when she posted images with True at Disney.


She said it was her daughter’sfirst timeat Disneyland, despite there being photos of True at the amusement park late last year.

Fans reminded Khloe of the snaps Kim had posted of True at Disney in December on Twitter.

She responded by hinting at an editing blunder and then trying to direct the attention towards the family’s new Hulu show.

Sy antwoord: “Welp I f**ked this one up. Anywayslet’s focus on something elseOur show airs in a few days.

Kim cleared the controversy up and revealed she was the one who altered them.


Khloe was called out for editing another photo of her daughter back in April of this year.

The LA native shared a new photo of Tristan het 'n seun verwek met that fans instantly slammed asheavily filtered.

Mommy Bunny and Baby Bunny,” the mom-of-one wrote, posing with her little one on her famed Instagram-bladsy.

Khloe pouted her lips as True lightly smiled, the former wearing bunny ears seemingly while celebrating Easter with her family Sunday.

The photo hopped its way to Reddit and fans weren’t thrilled with thegrainy” en “edited” Post.

Christine Brown se gewigsverlies aan die lig gebring “More filters!” saw the original poster write: “She was just slammed for photoshopping pictures of True, and she goes and posts another heavily filtered pic.

Another Redditor commented: “And she always makes it so obvious that it’s photoshopped because True’s eyes end up looking so glassy like how it would look with those Instagram eye color filters.

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Khloe seems to be insecure about True and must think she’s not cute,” a third wrote.

While a fourth worried: “I’m concerned about these photos and how they will affect True when she’s older.

Khloe has been accused of photoshopping her own daughter True in photos

Khloe has been accused of photoshopping her own daughter True in photosKrediet: Instagram/@khloekardashian
Kanye West says daughter Chicago, 4, is ‘too grown looking’ in new photos with his ex-sister-in-law Khloe Kardashian

Kanye West says daughter Chicago, 4, is ‘too grown looking’ in new photos with his ex-sister-in-law Khloe KardashianKrediet: Getty Images – Getty
Exes Kanye West and Kim Kardashian with their children North, Heilige, Chicago, en Psalm

Exes Kanye West and Kim Kardashian with their children North, Heilige, Chicago, en PsalmKrediet: INSTAGRAM/kimkardashian