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Ich habe einen Mann kennengelernt – Hier ist, was wirklich mit dem Schlüsseldreieck von Love Island los ist

TENSIONS are high in the Love Island Villa this week as the dreaded sister villa Casa Amor makes a comeback.

With many Inselbewohner now having ‘coupled up’, one psychologist has revealed how previous trysts could be detrimental to love hungry contestants.

Gemma Owen is coupled up with Luca Bish and the pair seem to be getting on well

Gemma Owen is coupled up with Luca Bish and the pair seem to be getting on wellAnerkennung: Rex

Celebrity psychologist Dr Arthur Cassidy said there is one couple who have a clear connection, which has been cemented during a recent challenge.

jedoch, there is a ‘love triangleforming, zwischen Luca, Gemma and her ex Jacques.

Dr Cassidy said this became even more evident during the heart racer challengewhich is a firm fan favourite of the ITV Show.

Regular viewers will know that, while the boys are being treated to steamy performance from the girls, they are each be hooked up to a heart monitor to see which one really makes their heart beat faster.

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Ich habe einen Mann kennengelernt - here’s three Love Islanders who are faking it


Ich habe einen Mann kennengelernt – here’s three Love Islanders who are faking it

Dr Cassdiy, who is working with Buzz Bingo said Luca and Gemma’s chemistry was clear from the scenes.

Luca experienced a sizzling steamy kiss but he knew this was only a taster of things to come.

Gemma’s passion motives were triggered by Luca’s muscular legs and strong hips.

These to Gemma represented masculine power and endurance.”

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He added how it had been fascinating to see during the challenge how Gemma used her black corset and red shoes to wow the men.

The result was raised heart rates from Luca, Jay, and Jacques.

But Luca had been left upset that Gemma’s heart rate hadn’t soared for his performance, and had in fact soared the most for her ex Jacques.

Dr Cassidy added: “Many twists to this couple as Jacques triggers and manipulates his possessive control motives to throw a spanner in the works due to his jealousy of Gemma with Luca.

He simply cannot cope with this as he’s still attracted to Gemma.

Dr Cassidy said that the ‘star performerof the challenge had been Gemma, as her performance had everyone sitting on the edge of their seats.

He explained that Gemma is ‘fired upto show viewers her power of seduction.


Diese, er sagte, she managed to achieve through ‘alluring displays of sexual interest and social skills of manipulation of game playing tactics.

“The human skill in the power of sexual attraction lies in a plethora of challenges and the heart rate challenge did just that. In the science of sexual attraction the first impression counts.

This lays the foundations for future potential relationships developing further in the Villa.

It only takes a short exposure to form a definite love impression and we saw this in the positive personalities that demonstrated their social skills as follows,” er fügte hinzu.


But while Luca, Jacques and Gemma seem to already be in a triangle, things could get more complicated with the arrival of new contestants.

The six new girls have joined the original boys in the main villa, while the six new lads have joined the OG girls in Casa Amor.

And although Gemma, 19 und Luca, 23, are a pretty good at the moment, things could possibly change.

In tonight’s episode, one new contestant pulls Luca for a chat to ‘see what he’s about’.

Dr Cassidy added that there could also be trouble in paradise, for another triangle. Paige, Jay and Jacques.

“Jay for all he’s worth is more connected to Paige and it has the potential to become a strong love relationship, but they need to develop their emotional robustness and commitment apart from having to recouple with other partners.”

“The last few days has seen Paige navigating her motives in a different direction towards Jacques O’Neill.

No one messes around with Paige as her emotions were under threat with a lack of trust with Jay. The awkward love triangle had to be nipped in the bud so to speak and she did just that.

Dr Cassidy explained that with Paige, there is ‘no beating arounf the bush.

Der Rat ist befugt, einen Fall vor das Amtsgericht zu bringen, wenn er entscheidet, dass es sich um eine gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Belästigung handelt

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“No beating around the bush, she has been courageous in making it explicit that she and Jacques are like a rock solid couple.

With Jacques, Paige demonstrates the complementary effect as both show deep interest in each other’s personality traits and their basic needs can be mutually gratified within this new romance.”