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Fãs de DOOL temem que Tripp esteja MORTO depois que ele pula de um prédio no final do cliffhanger

DAYS of Our Lives fans have started to fear that Tripp Dalton has been killed off the show after Monday’s cliffhanger ending.

At the end of the episode, the character, interpretado por Lucas Adams, worried fans after jumping from a high-story window.

Crédito: NBC

Crédito: NBC

During the broadcast, Tripp proved just how much he still cared for his ex-girlfriend, Allie Horton, after the Devil possessed her.

The chaos all started because the Devil hoped to get close enough to Ciara Brady and de Ben Weston bebê, in order to possess the newborn, and taking over Allie was just one more step in that plan.

Toward the end of the DOOL episode, Tripp discovered the Devil had taken Allie for a ritual, which threatened to kill her.

To save her, Lucas’ character sacrificed himself and let the demonic spirit take him over instead.

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Days of Our Lives fans ponder the fate of Tripp Dalton


Days of Our Lives fans ponder the fate of Tripp Dalton

Infelizmente, all did not work out as planned, as once the Devil was inside of Tripp, he still went ahead with his plans.

The spirit worked to kill Allie, this time using the hands of her ex-boyfriend.

Tripp, still somewhere inside his own body, fought back against the evil that had taken him over.

He mustered up enough strength to remove his hands from Allie’s neck and once again sacrifice himself.

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Agora, he did so by crashing through the window and jumping out from the building.

The final moments saw him lying on the floor outside, bloody, and not moving, leaving Days of Our Lives fans to fear that he’s dead and leaving the show.

Lucas, 28, first joined the cast of the show and introduced fans to his character of Tripp Dalton in 2017.

Along with being a doctor on the series, he’s also the son of characters Steve Johnson and Ava Vitali.

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After a couple of years, Lucas exited the show at the end of August 2019 mas voltou ao programa um ano depois.

Fans are now worried he’s once again departing the soap.

Crédito: NBC

Crédito: NBC

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