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Emmerdale shock as the truth behind Cain and his brother Caleb is revealed

EMMERDALE fans are in shock after the truth about Cain Dingle and his long-lost brother Caleb has been revealed.

Businessman Caleb made his debut last night when he introduced himself to Chas after being knocked back by Cain during a prison visit.

Fans want Cain and Caleb to be reunited

Fans want Cain and Caleb to be reunitedCrédit: ITV
Caleb proved his identity tonight

Caleb proved his identity tonightCrédit: ITV

Ce soir, Chas demanded Caleb prove he is who he claims to be, and he did.

Il lui a dit: “Short version of it is that I was born in prison and then I was put into care.”

Caleb then handed over his birth certificate and a picture of Faith from years before.

The news rocked Chas but she quickly accepted him as her brother as he opened up up about his life.

And then it was revealed how he had met Cain as a teenagerand was abandoned by him.

Cain discovered Chas was pregnant and panicked, insisting that he couldn’t take care of another sibling.

But far from the truth being that Cain was just acting cruelly to himthe reality was different.

Furieux, Caleb stole a red Golf GTI from the garage Cain was working onand it ended with Caleb being responsible for ruining Cain’s life.

With the police following them, Cain told him: “If I do this for you, c'est ça, we’re done. I never see you again, you never come near me ever again. Now get out.”

But Cain soon discovered that by taking the blame, he was changing his life forever.

Chas told Caleb: “I know why he was so angry, his kid sister had just told him that she was pregnant.

“I’ll never forget that day because it was the same day he got arrested. The car you took, his boss had used it for some sort of bank job and somehow it all got pinned on Cain.

“The boss had loads of alibis and Cain had none. Prison is nothing new to him now, but that was his first time.

“When he got out he was different. He was always hard but somehow he got worse.”

Caleb realised that’s why Cain had rejected him all these yearsand fans were left shocked.

On a écrit: “Dieu, this is so sad, I feel so sorry for them all!”

Une seconde a dit: “Wow, this could explain why Cain is always so angry with the world…?”

Un autre ajouté: “This episode is amazing!”

Caleb was able to prove he was Cain's brother

Caleb was able to prove he was Cain’s brotherCrédit: ITV