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Mio marito ha perso tutta la sua fiducia mentre cercava di trovare un nuovo lavoro

CARO DEIDRE: MY husband has tried so hard to turn his life around but his confidence plummeted after being turned down for hundreds of jobs – the latest cleaning toilets.

egli è 26, sono 23. I work in a shop but he has no qualifications.

Every trip to the Jobcentre knocks a little more out of him

Every trip to the Jobcentre knocks a little more out of him

His dad had none either and was only interested in short-term, cash-in-hand work.

We’ve only been married a year but we’re already in debt.

He has tried really hard to get permanent work but after so many applications and interviews, he is at breaking point.

He would love to go into engineering and I fully support him in this because he has a talent for it, but he has no degree.

Every trip to the Jobcentre knocks a little more out of him.

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I feel my life is falling apart.

I hate to see him so low and unable to do anything about it.

DEIDRE DICE: You are going through tough times but it’s encouraging that he has got the determination to keep applying.

It’s also very positive that he has a clear sense of what he would like to do.

Many would have given up already and his tenacity will stand him in good stead.

Have a look at the Prince’s Trust (, which helps people aged 13-30 get into work, education or training.

I’m also sending you two support packs – Guide For Job Hunters, which will help his self-confidence and boosting his CV, and Solving Debt Problems, which has lots of resources.