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I britannici hanno ricevuto un avviso urgente di razionamento dell'acqua con l'approvvigionamento "interrotto per settimane".’

BRITS have been issued with an urgent water rationing warning amid shortages.

Restriction in supplies could see water turned offfor several weeks”.

Thames Water said the widespread shortages could be a result of the hot summer

Thames Water said the widespread shortages could be a result of the hot summerCredito: Getty

Thames Water, one of the country’s biggest providers, said the widespread shortages are likely to be a result of the hot summer.

With Europe facing potential droughts due to temperature highs, the water supplier warned reservoirs are shrinking.

In a public consultation, Thames Water said turning off water for certain hours during the day might be the solution to the problem.

il telegrafo rapporti, a spokesperson for the company, disse: “In severe droughts, water restrictions could see us rationing water for everyday activities or turning off supplies for certain periods during the day.

Restrictions like this could last for several weeks.”

The Water Services Regulation Authority said the country needs to be protected against droughts.

Chief executive Sarah Bentley said: “If we are to ensure a secure and sustainable water supply for future generations, we need to act now, to protect our communities and our environment against the impact of drought and water shortages.

She said reducing access to water would be the startbut we would still need an extraone billion litres of water every day”.

It comes after hose pipe bans meant most of the country couldn’t water their gardens in agosto.

And in some parts, bans were only lifted in last month.