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Der DAYS-Autor enthüllt Details über Abigails Tod in einem gelöschten Tweet

DAYS of Our Lives head writer Ron Carlivati has revealed a secret detail about Abigail’s death storyline in a deleted tweet.

Fans have been wondering who killed the legacy character for weeks, ever since her murder last month.

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Active on social media, Ron often tries to interact with Days of Our Lives fans, as well as give some behind-the-scenes details.

Früher diese Woche, his followers caught a tweet he shared about Abigail’s death plot before he deleted it soon after.

Fans were already furious that Abigail, a longtime character, had been killed off the show, but they gotten even more upset when she wasn’t given an on-screen funeral.

“Abigail is a legendary character and she deserved a better sent off than what she got,” one angry viewer tweeted.

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Another insisted: “We deserved that funeral do BETTER!”

A third told the head writer: “I wasn’t joking when I said we Chabby stans deserve a funeral the least you could do.”

In a since-deleted tweet, Ron explained why DAYS wasn’t able to give Abby the send-off that fans wanted.

Er schrieb: “Abigail’s funeral is off-screen because there would be hundreds of people there.

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“And we are only budgeted for an average of 12 characters per day…”

The soap writer soon scrapped the tweet from his feed, only angering fans even more.

One blasted: “Did @carlivatiron delete his tweet with his excuse for not showing Abby’s funeral?

“I hope someone saved it for a receipt for any future scenes on #days that do in fact have more than ’12 people’exceeding his so called budget.”

Ein zweiter sagte: “Why you delete that tweet? You did try to justify not writing Abby’s funeral in because you typed something about you don’t have the money for 100 people because she was loved.”

During Monday’s new episode, Tony and Anna DiMera returned to Salem to be there for Abigail’s off-screen funeral, and to help Abby’s husband – and Tony’s brother – Chad through this difficult time.

While the funeral ended up being off-screen, fans tried to focus their attention on looking for evidence on who killed Abby.

Not too many details about her killer were given during this broadcast, but viewers tried to read between the lines to spot possible clues.

Quite a few have been speculating for weeks that Lucas is Abby’s killer, especially after they saw him with a cut on his hand.

That theory was only strengthened during this broadcast after it was revealed that Abigail was looking into who kidnapped Sami, which was Lucas.

Immer noch, if the cut and the kidnapping and murder are all actually connected, “wouldn’t there be some blood evidence or any evidence?”

“Lucas needs to come forward before someone else finds out,” another fan said.

Sie fügten hinzu: “It’s gonna look awful if someone finds out he orchestrated Sami’s kidnapping and that Abigail was looking into it!”

As EJ was the one framed for Sami’s kidnapping, obwohl, some fans are wondering if knowing Abby was looking into the case was just a way to tease that EJ could’ve possibly been the one to murder her.

“If abbys murder is connected to samis kidnapping, ej killed abby,” one fan speculated. “Will has his doubts but Lucas keeps pressing that ej went to the dark side.”

A second spotted: “They keep zooming in on Ej as Chad walks away.

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“Please don’t let Ej be the one who murdered Abby!”

Another threw Kate’s name out there, Sprichwort: “Kate, I’m afraid ‘gosh why is anyone thinking about who murdered Abigail at a time like this, we should be celebrating her life & totally ignoring her murder’ isKINDA transparent!”

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