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Celebs Go Incontri i fan in preda all'isteria mentre Marty rende il nome esilarante di Ulrika un errore

CELEBS Go Dating fans were in stitches tonight as Marty McKenna made a major blunder with Ulrika Jonsson’s name.

The Geordie Shore bad-boy struggled to get to grips with the Swedish stunners name, despite her being a telly regular for three decades.

Marty McKenna had trouble pronouncing Ulrika Jonsson's name

Marty McKenna had trouble pronouncing Ulrika Jonsson’s nameCredito: E4
Ulrika wasn't having any of Marty's flirty chat

Ulrika wasn’t having any of Marty’s flirty chatCredito: E4

The tongue-tied reality star repeatedly got the name wrong in a chat with agency experts Anna Williamson and Paul Brunson.

He called her urethra, which is in fact the tube inside the penis that men urinate through.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: “Crying at Marty called ulrika Johnson ‘urethra’ ahahahaha.

Un altro postato: “HAHAHAH MARTY calling Ulrika Johnson ‘urethra’ has made me belly laugh I can’t even cope with that boy #CelebsGoDating.

Un terzo ha detto: “Comedy gold @Marty_GShore chatting up Ulrika.

Marty then wasted no time trying his luck with the Gladiators host, dicendole: “I kinda new you were gonna be here. I thought she’s a really really sexy woman

We are so similar I can see myself dating with you.

She laughed: “You’re hilarious.

imperterrito, Marty insisted: “I’m not too young, I’m a f***ing grown a**e, hairy-a**e man.

We recently revealed Marty secretly broke show rules after being slapped with a sex ban.

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The 27-year-old went against the dating agents’ advice to get to know his dates before sleeping with them.

Una fonte ha detto a The Sun: “Marty is the first to admit he’s got a lot to learn from the agents.

“When they told him he should stop sleeping with girls before getting to know them, he was initially keen to stick to the ban.

“But he’s a young lad who gets a lot of attention and doesn’t have very much willpower.

“He definitely broke the rules but made sure he did it on the sly. Or at least he thought he did.”

In tonight’s show he could barely contain himself while on a drinks date.

He repeatedly told the camera how much he wanted to have sex with his date, even joking he was staying away from the ‘khaziin case he was overcome with the urge to have sex in there.

He ended up sealing the meet-up with a very noisy and sloppy kiss.

Marty was sacked from Geordie Shore in 2018 for his repeated bad behaviour.

He caused chaos at the Celebs Go Dating final after heavy boozingwhich led to blazing rows off-screen.

Celebs Go Dating’s Anna and Paul tell Marty McKenna he can’t have sex in between filming