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TalkTalk si interrompe lasciando centinaia di clienti impossibilitati ad accedere a Internet

TALKTALK has gone down, leaving customers unable to access the internet.

Secondo, complaints started at around 8am on Wednesday.

Users have reported issues getting online

Users have reported issues getting onlineCredito: Alamy

Hundreds of reports about the outage have been recorded, with email and internet services appearing to be affected.

Downdetector, which monitors services at major companies, shows reports of problems in several locations across the country.

One customer complained: “Looks like the internet is disconnecting randomly for the last 30 minuti. When will this be fixed?”

Un altro ha detto: “I can login when on 4G mobile data but not with Internet. Are there Internet issues. My daughter has online Uni lessons later and will need Internet!!”

TalkTalk said it’s aware of an issue with email but not internet or phone, despite some customers saying they can’t get online.

Un portavoce ha detto: “We’re aware that some customers may be experiencing issues with their TalkTalk webmail account.

We’re sorry about this and our engineers are working hard to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Millions of Brits now rely on home broadband services because they are working form home because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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TalkTalk has over 4million customers using internet services at home.

Customers have said they are also struggling to access their TalkTalk email. A frustrated user said: “Can’t get into email still, any updates please?”

Un altro twittato: “Can’t access emails this morning on any device. Error message LG0005. Please help.

TalkTalk customers can check if there are issues using the company’s service checker online.

It says there are currently problems accessing email.

A message reads: “We’re aware that some customers are unable to access their email. We’d like to apologise for the inconvenience caused and assure you that we’re investigating the issue as a priority.

But it says there are no reported issues with broadband.

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TalkTalk also tweeted about the issue in an update to customers and said: “We’re aware of some customers having issues accessing TalkTalk webmail on desktop and mobile across different browsers.

Customers who do not use an Adblocker are being affected.

Can I get compensation for a broadband outage?

If you’re suffering issues with your internet, call or mobile services then you may be entitled to compensation.

You’ll need to make sure you report the outage so your provider is aware of the problem, but then you will likely be entitled to compensation automatically.

The Automatic Compensation Scheme means broadband and landline customers get their money back from their provider when things go wrong.

You don’t have to ask for it, and it should just be given to you automatically.

Internet firms usually pay out £8 for each day that broadband and phone service is not repaired after two full days of no service.

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