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Schwester Ehefrauen’ Meri-Posts über „bedingungslose Liebe“’ nachdem Christine Kody verlassen hat

MERI Brown shared a mysterious message aboutunconditional lovewith her followers amidst the Brown family discord.

The Sister Wives star recently revealed if her husband Kody was looking for a new wife after his split from Christine.

Meri shared a cryptic quote about 'unconditional love'

Meri shared a cryptic quote about ‘unconditional loveAnerkennung: Instagram
She claimed the phenomenon was 'rare'

She claimed the phenomenon was ‘rareAnerkennung: Instargram/Meri Brown
Kody recently split from his third wife, Christine

Kody recently split from his third wife, ChristineAnerkennung: DC

Maria, 50, nahm zu ihr Instagram-Geschichten on Sunday to share a message about howrareunconditional love can be.

The reality star wrote a quote on a plain purple background, lesen: “‘Unconditional love is so rare in life that it is identity changing when somebody keeps showing up even when you reject them.'

The TV personality continued on to credit the original writer asSarah Hemminger, Thread Co-Founder, and CEO.


Meri’s note about love followed the dramatic news that Christine, 49, has left Kody and her sister wives and returned to Utah on her own.

After announcing her leave, many fans wondered whether the family patriarch would take on a new wife to fill her spot.


jedoch, Meri shut down all speculation last week when she denied that her husband had any interest in another marriage.

After the Instagram account @withoutacrystalball started a discussion on the future of Kody’s family, a fan commented in the thread: “Who wants to bet Kody has another wife lined up?”

Maria, the first polygamist wife of the TLC star, was quick to clap back: “Lol you’d lose!”

Fans buzzed in response to the snappy comment.

Einer fragte: “Why does Meri defend a man who has been so disrespectful to her???”

Ein anderer sagte: “I’m pretty sure Meri would be the last to know,” while a third voiced their opinion: “I’ve always thought he’ll dump all of them for Robyn.

Others are skeptical to believe her, als einer gepostet: “Riiight, just like Christine wasn’t leaving.

Eine zweite hinzugefügt: “Wasn’t Meri just saying that she had no relationship or conversation with Kody at all?

How would she know what he has lined up??”


Meri and Kody, who married in 1990, legally divorced many years ago so that Kody could adopt his fourth wife Robyn Brown‘s three children from a previous relationship.

The pair remained in a spiritual marriage, jedoch, an arrangement he also shared with Christine and Janelle, 52.

But Christine finally confirmed her split from Kody on November 2 after months of disagreements and fan speculation.

Sie released a statement via Instagram Sprichwort: “Nach mehr als 25 Jahre zusammen, Kody and I have grown apart and I have made the difficult decision to leave.

The divorce came after Christine expressed on the TLC reality show that she wanted to return to Utah.

Kody was not interested, which ultimately pushed his wife to leave without him.


Christine has been settling into her newly separated life with her daughter Truely, 11, whom she shares with Kody.

She spent her Thanksgiving Eve cozying up to the pre-teen, her granddaughter Avalon, and her mother Ruthann.

Christine posted a candid photo of herself standing next to the two as the group smiled in front of the Christmas tree in their new Utah home.

The trio matched in dark blue holiday Lularoe pajama sets, covered in a white snowflake pattern.

Christine announced her split from Kody

Christine announced her split from KodyAnerkennung: DC
She celebrated her first Thanksgiving without Kody and her Sister Wives

She celebrated her first Thanksgiving without Kody and her Sister WivesAnerkennung: Instagram/christine_brownsw

Schwester Ehefrauen’ Meri Brown flees Arizona for Florida getaway without husband Kody as Christine ditches family and moves back to Utah

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