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Los regalos de la esposa todavía están envueltos en menos de tres porque ella nunca volvió a casa el año pasado

QUERIDA DEIDRE: MY wife’s presents are still wrapped under the tree for a second year running.

I’m hopeful she’ll come home but there’s no sign of her.

El año pasado, just a week before Christmas, she had a lunch with her work team and never came home.

I’m a man of 36 and I’m visually impaired. It’s been just me and my assistance dog, Bess, since then.

She sent me a voice message that evening saying that things weren’t working for her and she wouldn’t be coming home.

My sister came over and told me most of her clothes and belongings were missing.

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A few weeks later a friend told me he’d seen her in town with another guy, getting into a very posh car.

Even though all the evidence is there, I’m not ready to accept that she has left me for good.

We’d had a tough few months but I really thought our relationship was strong.

Ella es 38 and we met when we worked for a horticultural company. It was a job I loved as I enjoy being outdoors, as does Bess.

But when Covid hit, my wife and I both lost our jobs.

Money was tight but we had a good relationship.

I thought things were improving six months later when she managed to get a new job working for a publisher.

I’d prepare a meal for us to eat together in the evening and I tried to keep busy.

We still had a good sex life and I thought we were getting along well.

She did seem to be going out more but little did I know that the week before Christmas last year would be the last time I’d be with her.

DICE DEIDRE: It is tough but I am afraid you have to accept your marriage is over.

You deserve better than being treated like this and an explanation would give you some closure.

All your wife’s behaviour indicates she has no intention of coming back. You can find some support through Tavistock Relationships (, 020 7380 1975), which provides quality counselling at a reasonable cost.

They can do sessions online. Mi paquete de apoyo, Moving On, will help you decide on next steps.

If finding work is proving too difficult, do consider volunteering.

Check out the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (, 020 7713 6161) to find out what’s available near you.