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Inside Dahmer’s Polaroid pics & the unspeakable reason he kept ‘mementos’

TWISTED Jeffrey Dahmer took pictures as he slaughtered his victims and kept vile Polaroid photos of their dismembered bodies.

When cops finally snared les tueur en série dans 1991, they uncovered at least 80 chilling photos in his lairsome depicting necrophilia.

Cops discovered Dahmer's warped photo collection in his apartment

Cops discovered Dahmer’s warped photo collection in his apartmentCrédit: Milwaukee Police Department
He took Polaroid pictures of his victims and kept them in his lair

He took Polaroid pictures of his victims and kept them in his lairCrédit: .

Dahmer murdered and dismembered 17 boys and men between 1978 et 1991, unnoticed by cops.

Bu one of his victims, Tracy Edwards, managed to escape and found two officers, who visited Dahmer’s apartment and discovered the evidence they needed to arrest him.

As they combed through his belongings, essayé de le dissuader autour de 80 Polaroid images of his victims in a bedside table drawer.

Explicit snaps showed Dahmer engaging in sex acts with the bodies of some of his dead victims, while others showed naked dismembered corpses in different poses.

Dahmer photographed his victims as hewanted to keep them as mementos to keep him company”, according to The American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology, written in 1994.

It is understood the sicko also took pictures of his victims as various stages of the murder process so he couldrecollect each act afterward and relive the experience”, rapports Biography.

Dahmer was inside the apartment when officer Rolf Mueller unearthed the graphic images.

He tried to flee his home but was arrested by cops.

Dahmer told officers: “For what I did, I should be dead.”

Cops also discovered a blood-soaked mattress and tools such as a hammer and saw where Dahmer would mutilate his victims.

Child-like pictures showed where Dahmer intended to decorate an altar with his victims’ skulls.

Painted skeletons would stand on either side of a long back table, which would be dotted with heads.

Police officers also found barrels of acid that Dahmer used to dissolve the remains of his victims.

As they stormed Dahmer’s apartment, cops were met with a “putrefying” smell of flesh and industrial chemicals when they headed inside, Salon signalé.

Dahmer reportedly told his ex-neighbor Pamela Bass that the smell was caused by the freezer.

According to FBI documents, Dahmer told investigators that he tried to createlove slaves” par turning them intozombies”.

He told cops that his sexual fantasies took complete control over him and he wanted his victims todo everything he needed,” official documents show.

He drilled a hole in the frontal lobes of his victimsbrains and poured muriatic acid into it, which he told investigatorsworked at firstbut then the victims died.

Dahmer was handed 16 consecutive life terms and jailed at the Columbia Correctional Institution in Wisconsin in 1992.

Il was bludgeoned to death with a metal bar by fellow inmate Christopher Scarver two years later.

Dahmer chillingly sketched plans of an altar that he wanted to make

Dahmer chillingly sketched plans of an altar that he wanted to makeCrédit: REUTERS
Tools Dahmer used to cut up his victims

Tools Dahmer used to cut up his victimsCrédit: Milwaukee Police Department
Dahmer stored barrels of acid inside his modest-looking Milwaukee home

Dahmer stored barrels of acid inside his modest-looking Milwaukee homeCrédit: Milwaukee Police Department