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Urgent warning as certain kitchen utensils could ‘quadruple your cancer risk

PEOPLE who have an increased exposure to certain kitchen utensils could quadruple their risk of cancer, kundiges gewaarsku het.

Researchers found that so-called ‘forever chemicalsare lurking on pots, pans, spoons and other household items.

Experts have warned that forever chemicals could be lurking on household items

Experts have warned that forever chemicals could be lurking on household itemsKrediet: Getty

The chemicals, the experts at the University of Southern California (USC) gesê, can increase your risk of a common liver cancer known as non-viral hepatocellular carcinoma.

In many cases, a person will be diagnosed with this Kanker due to iron overload syndromes, alcohol use, tobacco use and exposure to pesticides.

Die studeerkamer found that those who had exposure to the toxins had a 4.5 fold increased risk of being diagnosed with the illness.

The chemical, perfluooctane sulfate, is known as a ‘forever chemicalbecause it takes years to degrade in the environment.

They are also known as PFAS or “polyfluoroalkyl substances”.

In 'n verklaring, Dr Jesse Goodrich, who is a postdoctoral scholar at USC said: “Liver cancer is one of the most serious endpoints in liver disease and this is the first study in humans to show that PFAS are associated with this disease.

Medics looked at data of over 200,000 mense.

From that, 50 people were found to have liver cancer, and were then matched with 50 people who did not.

They then looked at blood samples of the volunteers that were taken before their diagnosis and these were then compared to those who did not have cancer.

Researchers discovered that many of the people who developed cancer had multiple types of chemicals in their blood streams.

These chemicals will usually get to the liver by being digested in some way.

The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in the US says they are everywhere, including on toiletries and the utensils we use to cook with.

Medics found that the chemicals altered the way glucose was metabolised in the body and also changed amino acids in the liver.

Because of this, more fat forms around the liverupping a person’s risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Those with the condition are at a greater risk of developing liver cancer.

It was previously found that PFAS are contained in the wrappers of popular fast-food chains.

A study published in October last year also found the substances in 80 per cent of McDonald’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut en Domino's etes.

The paper was based on samples from restaurants in San Antonio, VSA, found small amounts of phthalates.

These chemicals are used to make plastics soft and were found in 80 per cent of the samples collected.

The chemical is linked to a range of health problems including issues in the endocrine system which is a series of glands that produces and secretes hormones in the body, a previous study gevind.

Phthalates are also linked to fertility and reproductive issues, met een 2020 studeer having found that the chemical may ‘induce alterations in puberty, the development of testicular dysgenesis syndrome, Kanker, and fertility disorders in both males and females’.