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Antiques Roadshow couple clash over BINNING mint condition Chinese vases

A COUPLE bickered on Antiques Roadshow as the man accused his wife ofthrowing awayChinese ceramic vases inperfect condition.

The BBC show took a visit to Kenilworth Castle in the Midlands.

Expert Lee Young was very interested in the couple's unique ceramic vases

Expert Lee Young was very interested in the couple’s unique ceramic vasesCrédito: BBC
The guest accused his wife of wanting to throw them away

The guest accused his wife of wanting to throw them awayCrédito: BBC

Expert Lee Young was very impressed by the married couple’sattractive vases.

Lee talked about how well decorated they were in coral red, butterflies and lotus flowers.

He guessed they were made during the Republican period.

When Lee asked the couple if they liked them, the husband said: “I like them.

But his wife said: “I don’t particularly like them.

The male guest interrupted: “She tried to throw them away.

But the female guest protested: “I didn’t. I tried to auction it for £300 for the pair. But then I heard the story and I pulled it off from the action and there was interest.

Lee estimated at auction the vases would bring £600 to £800.

The couple were pleasantly surprised and the husband said: “Guau. Genial. Good job you didn’t throw them away.

En otra parte del episodio, a guest was left open-mouthed after an evaluation of her Japanese silverware from the late nineteenth century.

She presented sugar tongs which expert valued them at £300£500.

And for the whole set, it was worth £2,500 to £3,000, leaving the guest smiling from ear to ear.

Antiques Roadshow is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

The ceramic Chinese vases

The ceramic Chinese vases

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