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Boy George è vegano?

BOY George has swapped singing for life in the jungle as he’s entered I’m A Celeb.

He has been eating a slightly different diet from his fellow campmates, but is he vegan?

Boy George has spoken about being vegetarian

Boy George has spoken about being vegetarianCredito: AFP

Is Boy George a vegan?

Ragazzo George has been public about his choice to be vegetarian but he is not vegan.

tuttavia, the star is set to follow a vegan diet when taking on Bushtucker Trials in Sono una celebrità.

It’s thought that when the campmates receive their evening meal, instead of the meat they get, Boy George has been eating a vegetarian option anziché.

tuttavia, fans of the show were left baffled as they spotted the pop icon enjoying Jelly Babies in the camp.

Campmates Charlene, Seann e Mike had won the luxury sweets from Kiosk Kev after completing a challenge and everyone enjoyed them around the campfireincluding Boy George.

Jelly Babies are not considered vegetarian, due to them containing gelatine, commonly derived from animal body parts.

tuttavia, some vegetarians still choose to consume products containing the ingredient, as it is not a meat product.

What do vegans eat on I’m a Celebrity?

Just like past campmates, Boy George will be allowed to follow his vegetarian diet whilst in the jungle for the 2022 serie.

He will receive a portion of tofu if the camp win the appropriate stars on the Bushtucker Trials.

As well as this he will get the basic rations of rice and beans.

In 2017, stand-up comedian Shappi Khorsandi revealed that she was vegan shortly before joining the Jungle.

Nel 2018 series X Factor’s Fleur East and Coronation Street’s Sair Khan were both vegans, as well as James McVey.

In 2020 Beverley Callard and Mo Farah opted for a vegan diet.

What has Boy George said about being vegetarian?

Boy George has been public in talking about deciding to be vegetarian.

Di nuovo dentro 2016, ha scherzato: “There would be serious clothing restrictions in the jungle. I’d have to get certain hats made and I couldn’t get over the food. I would have a problem with that.

Boy George first spoke out about his dietary choices in 2013, scrivendo su Twitter: “I’m not vegan or raw. I have lots of vegan and raw food. I don’t have cow’s produce ever! I am gay though!”

Poi, in un 2018 interview on This Morning – the star said: “I’m vegetarian, not vegan. I couldn’t live in a world without cheese… I have cheese every day.

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Despite saying he is not vegan, it seems the star does sometimes go for plant-based options.

All'inizio di quest'anno, scrisse: “Just shoved the new vegan Marks & Spencer lasagne in the oven for my tea! Anyone else tried it? Will let you know how it goes!”