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I poliziotti trovano un misterioso cimitero di auto coperto di neve pieno di "veicoli rubati".’

AN EERIE car graveyard littered with burnt out old motors has been discovered after police stumbled through an ancient woodland.

The snow-covered lot turned out to be an old dumping ground for thieves to ditch stolen vehicles.

Police made the chilling discovery while patrolling Buck Wood, in Gleadless Valley, Sheffield

Police made the chilling discovery while patrolling Buck Wood, in Gleadless Valley, SheffieldCredito: UOMINI Media

Off-road bike Polizia Stradale officers made the chilling find while patrolling Buck Wood, vicino Sheffield city centre.

Three cars and a motorbike were discovered as the officers made their way through the wintry woodland, rapporti Yorkshire Live.

Ma il motors were all burnt to shells, leaving the area looking like an old scrapyard rather than a used car dealership.

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police’s Operational support said: “Off Road Bike Team came across a Graveyard of cars…local scrap yard? No.

Buck Wood, Sheffield Gleadless Valley. What a waste.

These cars had been stolen, dumped and set fire to in this ancient woodland.

It comes as a recent spate of car thefts has led police to warn drivers of one particular type of car that their motor is at a higher risk than most.

With car burglaries on the rise, some catalytic converters are being nicked from private driveways – con Honda Jazz vehicles said to be a favourite target.


Car thefts are soaring across the nation, con oltre 108,000 vehicles hit from March 2021 marciare 2022 in England and Wales.

The spike led former motor-thief Michael Fraser to offer his insider knowledge to help Brits keep their cars secure.

On an appearance with BBC News, he stunned viewers with a simple technique that will keep would-be burglars at bay.

Michael, who is now a home security expert, said simply turning your wheels towards the kerb will instantly stop criminali from targeting your car.

He told BBC News: “If you look out on the street, ninety-nine percent of us parallel park with the wheels dead straight.

“One percent will turn the wheels into the kerb or towards another car. You’ll never find that car will be stolen.

This simple trick allegedly throws a would-be crook off as they fear they would struggle to make off with your car.

Wasting precious moments to turn the wheels back and reverse in-and-out while turning the wheels back towards the road could be the difference between getting away or getting caught.

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The technique will also activate your car’s automatic wheel lock if you turn the wheels after your remove the key from the ignition.