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Serena & Il padre di Venere come re è un "topo******" che ha lasciato mia madre

LEGENDARY tennis stars Serena and Venus Williams may view their dad as akingbut he was arat b******who walked out on my family, their half-sister claims.

Sabrina Williams slammed her estranged father Richard Williams, 79, who is the subject of a new Hollywood movie “King Richard”.

Sabrina Williams said her mom stopped 'giving a damn' about her dad Richard Williams a long time before she died

Sabrina Williams said her mom stopped ‘giving a damnabout her dad Richard Williams a long time before she diedCredito: These photos are the and cannot be reprinted unless authorised to
Richard Williams is the father of legendary tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams

Richard Williams is the father of legendary tennis stars Venus and Serena WilliamsCredito: Caratteristiche di Rex

Richard married Sabrina’s late mom Betty Johnson in Los Angeles in the early 1960s.

They had four other childrenRichard III, 56, Ronner, 55, Reluss, 54, and Reneeka, 49.

Ma, when Sabrina was just eight, Richard dumped his wife and five kids – allegedly walking out to buy her a bike but never returned.

Richard married Serena e Venere’ mom Oracene before they divorced in 2002.

Sabrina told the Sun: “If my mom was still alive, she’d laugh ‘That rat b******’ she had a great sense of humor. She stopped giving a damn about my dad a long time before she died.

“My sister Reeneka was a baby eight weeks old when my dad left. How do you leave a baby? I was eight years old, and he left under the pretence ‘I’m gonna get you a bike?’ I can laugh about it now.

The film “King Richard” sees legendary actor Will Smith star as Williams.

It shows how a man with no background in tennis and very limited financial resources, guided his daughters to unprecedented success.

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The movie reveals the racism, violenza, and hardship the Williams family had to overcome.

Sabrina thinks the title of the movie is “completely over the top”.

Lei disse: “He thinks he’s the king of the world, but no one that’s ever been around him thinks he’s King Richard. It is an outrageous title, but to truth be told, it fits him.

He’s not the king of the world. If you look at him psychologically, it’s something he’s never achieved apart from in his headhe’s lived only through two of his daughters forsaking all his other children.

“A dire il vero, those girls rose to the top while his other children had to suffer because of the choices my dad made, we were raised in poverty after he left.”

Sabrina claimed: “He choose tennis for them, as he knew it could also make him a millionaire.

But in a 2020 colloquio, she said she isn’t bitter about the Williams sistersrise to sporting fame.


Sabrina said she hadtwo childhoods” – before and after Williams left.

She accused her father of not paying her mom child support, leaving her and her siblings to grow up in poverty.

Sabrina added: “The first was OK because we had money, but the second period was very difficult.

It was like an instant change. If it wasn’t for the churches that we belonged to, I don’t think my mom would have made it.

The millionaireshalf-sister believes that her father still thinks about his first family.

Lei disse: “I think it’s just sad, because there’s no way that my dad doesn’t think about me, or my other brothers and sisters.

There’s just no way in your life that you can put that to the side and not think about it. I feel sympathy for him like, dude, you need to come to terms with this.

He hasn’t forgotten us, he’s just put us in a compartment. You know that part of your world exists, but you just don’t want to deal with itand that’s a sad thing.

Sabrina said it’s unlikely she will see her father again and won’t be going to his funeral.

All'inizio di questo mese, it was reported that Richard is “incapacitated” and being cared for by his son Chavoita LeSane.

Richard is a victim of two strokes which has left him barely able to talk, Daily Mail reported in 2018.

He also suffers from a condition that affects his mouth.

LeSane was given the power of attorney and acts as Williams’ interpreter.

Sabrina says she's not bitter about her half-sisters rise to sporting fame

Sabrina says she’s not bitter about her half-sisters rise to sporting fameCredito: AFP
Richard is said to be 'incapacitated' after suffering two strokes that left him barely able to talk

Richard is said to be ‘incapacitatedafter suffering two strokes that left him barely able to talkCredito: Getty

Will Smith looks unrecognisable with a new goatee on The One Show as he promotes new film King Richard about Venus and Serena Williams

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