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Vicky Pattison sta pensando di far rientrare le telecamere nella sua vita per uno spettacolo intimo

VICKY Pattison is considering letting cameras back into her life one final time after vowing to moving away from reality TV for good.

The presenter and TV personality has told The Sun she would be open to filming a one off special around her upcoming wedding despite locking her sights on her dream of being a hard hitting documentary maker.

Vicky Pattison and Pete Wicks have teamed up with Just Eat to front their Winter Meal Appeal

Vicky Pattison and Pete Wicks have teamed up with Just Eat to front their Winter Meal AppealCredito: Will Ireland/PinPep

Vicky, 35, became engaged to boyfriend Ercan Ramadan in February this year after he popped the question during a romantic holiday to Dubai.

Chatting to The Sun, Vicky Pattison, who has teamed up with Just Eat to launch the Just Eat Winter Meal Appeal, spiegato: “I am trying to pull away from reality TV and do more documentaries. That is where I want to see my future go.

Don’t get me wrong reality TV does have my heart. I wouldn’t say no to doing a wedding documentary or something but I do want to be in the space for making powerful documentaries.

Maybe ones that affect women, so safety, hormones or contraception. In a broader sense as well, with the cost of living crisis it’s plunging people into food poverty more and more and there are things we can be doing.

Earlier this week fans spotted Vicky and Pete Wicks heading up Just Eats Giving Grotto at Waterloo Station in central London.

Dressed in a bright orange elf outfits, the duo aimed to collect donations from passers-by in return for a free Just Eat Meal.

The campaign comes as new data shows just over half (55%) of kindhearted Brits will give more than ever before to those in need this winter.

Just Eat Winter Meal Appeal, which pledges to give a quarter of a million hot meals to homeless, vulnerable and lonely people this winter via its charity partners, Social Bite and FoodCycle.

Vicky continued: “I had been desperate to do documentaries for years. I would love to be recognised more in that space as an investigative journalist or someone at the helm of documentaries. I’m not going to lie there are talks happening at the moment I would love to spend next year doing that.

I am really grateful for the life I have got so I do take the fact that I have a plot form really seriously and being asked to help with something like this [Just Eat] is an honour. I am not the only one either. Us Brits in general are really giving and if you have lots or you haven’t we are just a good bunch.

I think regardless as if I had ended up as a school teacher or a nurse or whatever I would have always wanted to help. I am a proper bleeding heart and a sensitive person. I think if you are in a position to help, however little, I feel like you shouldespecially with the current times. The Just Eat campaign is perfect for that. It’s all over the country.

Despite being met with widespread praise for her documentary Alcohol, Dad and Me, Vicky admits she’s still battling to be taken seriously after getting her big break on Geordie Shore in 2011.

The added: “I am not going to sit here and be like ‘poor little reality TV personthat would be ridiculous. I have had a lovely career and I have been able to do some amazing things but I have spent the last ten years trying to claw back the respect from certain people who think that just because I’ve done reality TV I am in some way unintelligent or incapable of just doing reality TV.

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It’s difficult. There is a stigma attached. I am putting some distance now between reality TV as i’m never going to be recognised for another space if I keep doing the same thing. And that’s really difficult as some of these shows are so fun and I want to do them but I have to be committed to where I want to end up.

And also taking myself more seriously like with this appeal. I have the power how people see me. It just takes a while but I am finally getting there.

Vicky Pattison is keen to pursue her dream of being a successful documentary maker

Vicky Pattison is keen to pursue her dream of being a successful documentary makerCredito: instagram
Vicky says she has had to overcome stigma to front her own TV documentaries

Vicky says she has had to overcome stigma to front her own TV documentariesCredito: Will Ireland/PinPep