MATT Turner was serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s 14th victim.

の間に 1978 そして 1991, notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer murdered and dismembered 17 young boys and men, before eventually being apprehended for his heinous crimes.

Matt Turner was one of 17 victims killed at the hands of Jeffrey Dahmer

Matt Turner was one of 17 victims killed at the hands of Jeffrey Dahmerクレジット: A&アンプ;E

Who was Matt Turner?

Matt Turner, was born in Flint, ミシガン 10月に 15, 1970.

Those who knew him described him as a good kid who was bright and articulate.

ターナー, who occasionally used the name Donald Montrell, was living in シカゴ after running away from his home just a year before his death.

The run-away had high aspirations of becoming a model, but his future was tragically taken away from him when he met serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer in 1991.

He was just 20-years-old at the time of his death.

What happened to Jeffrey Dahmer victim Matt Turner?

に 1991, Dahmer travelled to Chicago to attend a gay pride paradeit was there he met Matt Turner who was waiting at a bus station.

Dahmer lured the young man back to Milwaukee, ウィスコンシン, with him and invited him in to his apartment.

It was there he drugged, strangled and dismembered Turner’s body.

Dahmer then preserved some of Turner’s body parts in his freezer.

Who were Jeffrey Dahmer’s other victims?

Jeffrey Dahmer was responsible for taking the lives of 17 young boys and men between 1978 そして 1991.

His youngest victim, Konerak Sinthasomphone, was just 14-years-old when he was murdered.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s 17 犠牲者 だった Steven Hicks, Steven Tuomi, James Doxtator, Richard Guerrero, Anthony Sears, Raymond Smith, Edward Smith, Ernest Miller, David Thomas, Curtis Straughter, Errol Lindsey, Tony Hughes, Konerak Sinthasomphone, Matthew Turner, Jeremiah Weinberger, Oliver Lacy, and Joseph Bradehoft.

Dahmer was eventually apprehended by the authorities when his last victim, Tracy Edwards, escaped and alerted police to the man who had tried to kill him.

It was then, police discovered a number of incriminating and gruesome polaroid pictures in Dahmer’s bedside drawleading to his arrest, after almost a decade.

Dahmer was convicted との判決 16 life sentences.