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The Games viewers insist Max George ‘cheated’ in his climb against Ryan Thomas

THE Games viewers have insisted that Max Georgecheatedin the climb challenge against Ryan Thomas.

The ITV sporting competition saw the men take on a 15m wall on Thursday night.

The Games viewers were convinced the Max George 'cheated' on tonight's episode

The Games viewers were convinced the Max George ‘cheatedon tonight’s episodeKrediet: ITV
Fans pointed out that Max was not using the foot holds

Fans pointed out that Max was not using the foot holdsKrediet: ITV

The celebrities went head-to-head, with The Wanted’s Max and Ex-Coronation Street star Ryan competing against each other.

Max speeded up the wall as the commentator pointed out that he wasn’t even using the foot holds.

Viewers were stunned at Max’s climbing skills and suggested he may havebroken the rules”.

Een het geskryf: “How the f*** did Max climb, barely used any of the foot holders….#TheGames


The Games in new fix row as viewers insist the show has a favourite


The Games in new fix row as viewers insist the show has a favourite

'N Ander het gepos: “Has Max broken the rules by not using the foot holders? #TheGames

'N Derde het gesê: “Max just running up the wall and not using the foot things. #TheGames

Max doing his best Spiderman impression getting up that wall,” a fourth commented.

“#TheGames Are they allowed to just run up the wall?

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After a neck and neck round, Ryan was pipped at the post with a time of 23.79 compared to Max’s 22.99.

Elders, Wes Nelson landed top spot with an impressive 15.70 in round one of the speed climbing heat.

In the second round Wes took on Ryan as Max went up against Josh Herdman.

Love Island star and singer Wes excelled with 16.8 compared to Ryan’s 17.96.

Intussen, Max appeared to be sprinting up the wall until he lost his footing and fell, meaning it was an easy victory for Josh.

It comes after viewers complained about the number of adverts and said the show is overlypadded outto fill an hour slot.

On Wednesday’s instalment, popstar George Ezra opened the third episode with his new track.

But ITV viewers have suggested that the show doesn’t know what it wants to be and were baffled by tonight’srandom” begin.

Een het geskryf: “Why is George Ezra here? #TheGames

'N Ander het gepos: “This has more padding than a bubble wrap factory. #TheGames

'N Derde het gesê: “I’m not sure what this programme knows what it ispart chat show, part advice/interview show, part music, loads of adverts. One thing for surevery little sports/games. #The Games

“#TheGames It’s that bad they are padding out the show before it’s even started,” a fourth commented.

The sporting competition has been pushing the celebrities to their limits.

Actor Colson Smith revealed the heartbreaking reason he never learned to swim until The Games.

Die akteur – who plays Craig Tinker in the ITV soapis taking part in the new sports series alongside a host of other well known faces

The sports show sees the celebs take on a variety of sports, one of which was swimming.

Egter, Colson, 23, revealed he had only learned to swim five weeks ago in preparation for the show.

In the last couple of years Colson has lost an incredible 10 stone after taking up running, and he admitted it was his weight that had stopped him getting in the pool during his school years.

Hy het gesê: “In school I hated swimming because I was the fat kid. So I used to basically refuse to swim.

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I like unique baby names – the origin stories behind my eight kids’ name

When I found out about this I didn’t want to do it, and then I kind of said it’s about time I stopped saying no because of the way that I look and the way that I feel.

This competition is kind of gonna be me versus me, I just want to show myself that Colson has no limits and he really is just gonna keep pushing it all the way.

The Games continues tomorrow at 9pm on ITV.

Viewers were stunned by Max's technique

Viewers were stunned by Max’s techniqueKrediet: ITV

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