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The Walk-In viewers leftfeeling sickafter drama’s traumatic opening scene

VIEWERS of The Walk-In have been leftfeeling sickafter the new drama kicked off with a “horrível” cena.

Ator Stephen Graham stars in the new five-part series as a reformed right-wing extremist set against the backdrop of the EU Referendum.

The Walk-In viewers 'felt sick' within minutes of tuning in

The Walk-In viewers ‘felt sickwithin minutes of tuning in
A neo-Nazi was seen butchering an Asian dentist in a supermarket

A neo-Nazi was seen butchering an Asian dentist in a supermarket
It is based on true events

It is based on true events

His character, Matthew Collinsnow an anti-fascist activist journalistis seen working in the investigations department of an anti-racism and anti-fascism organisation.

Based on true events, the first episode left viewers in shock within the first few minutes of The Walk-In being on air.

It showed a reenactment of the attempted murder of Dr Sarandev Bhambra, a dentist who was set upon by a Nazi-obsessed loner as he shopped in a Tesco Express.

Dr Bhambra almost died in the 2015 ataque racista, which saw him butchered with a claw hammer and a 30cm-long machete.

His attacker, Zach Davies, told onlookers he carried it out in revenge for the 2013 murder of soldier Lee Rigby. He was later caged for life and ordered to serve a minimum of 14 anos.

But viewers of The Walk-In found the scenes too awful to bear.

Um tweetou: “I feel sick. This is gonna be tough to watch.

Outro adicionado: “That was gruesome on every level.

A third even wrote: “Wtf did i just witness?”

In upcoming episodes, Mateus – played by Stephenwill foil a plan to kill an MP.

He is a reformed neo-Nazi who now works as a journalist for anti-racism organisation Hope Not Hate.

Depois de 2016 murder of MP Jo Cox, Matthew had received an email the following year from someone claiming to be a member of a specific far-right group he had struggled to infiltrate, who alerted him to a plan to murder the second MP.

The drama follows Matthew as he attempts to stop the murder but also the radicalisation of young white men, by running molesor walk-insto far right organisations.

He does this with the goal of gaining inside information about their activities, and publishing this online to expose and fracture them.

The Walk-In stars Stephen Graham

The Walk-In stars Stephen GrahamCrédito: Rex
It follows the story of an extreme right-wing terrorist group

It follows the story of an extreme right-wing terrorist groupCrédito: Rex