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Love Island fans work out the ‘biggest s*** stirrer in the villa’and it’s NOT Ekin-Su

LOVE Island’s Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu has been at the centre of backlash from fans pretty much ever since she stormed the villa as a bombshell.

But fans think they’ve worked out who Île de l'amour's “biggest s***-stirreris this yearand it’s not the Turkish actress.

Love Island fans have named this year's 'biggest s***-stirrer'

Love Island fans have named this year’s ‘biggest s***-stirrerCrédit: eroteme
Jacques was slammed for his involvement in Gemma's fall-out with Ekin-Su

Jacques was slammed for his involvement in Gemma’s fall-out with Ekin-SuCrédit: eroteme

In last night’s episode Incendie, 27, et Gemma Owen came to blows, with Gemma slamming her ford***head behaviour”.

Ekin-Su was seen relaying to Paige Thorne et Jacques O'Neill that Gemma had suggested her feelings for Luca Bich aren’t as strong as she claims after a conversation with Michael Owen‘s daughter and Dami Hope.

Mais – as Jacques immediately jumped up to tell Lucaviewers have branded him the villa’s biggests***-stirrer”.

On a écrit: “Ekin-Su did nothing wrong. If Dami mentioned his mind reading skills and Gemma didn’t deny what he was saying then all good. Jacques though is a s***-stirrer.

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Un autre a dit: “Omg Jacques is actually such a little s*** stirrer, it’s annoying me that no one else can see through his act.

Et un troisième ajouté: “Jacques is the biggest s*** stirrer I’m sorry.

The drama kicked off earlier in the day when Dami Hope attempted to read Gemma’s mind on how she regards her relationship with Luca.

Il a dit: “You’re happy with Luca right now.

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Love Island fans all saying the same thing about Gemma Owen's row with Ekin-Su


Love Island fans all saying the same thing about Gemma Owen’s row with Ekin-Su

I feel like it would take a lot for your head to turn but there is a small chance that it probably could if someone really came in that was 100% toi.

I feel like that is where the confusion would probably come for you because we’re not here to play games.

I feel like you’re still open in a sense, probably more open than Luca.

Gemma admitted: “Oui, that was quite impressive. I don’t think you’re that far wrong.

Ekin-Su later relayed the “en train de lire” to Paige and Jacques, who proceeded to tell his friend Luca as he said he wanted tohave his back”.

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As news got back to Gemma about Ekin-Su’s conversations, Gemma confronted Ekin-Su and said: “You have started this, you’ve made drama over nothing.

People need to concentrate on their own dramas, then if your relationship is perfect then you can give me advice but until then keep your nose out of it,” dit-elle.

Ekin-Su insisted she'd done nothing wrong in the situation

Ekin-Su insisted she’d done nothing wrong in the situationCrédit: Érotème