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Carol Vorderman rivela di aver dovuto ottenere un ordine restrittivo su uno "stalker".’ che ha seguito il suo camper

CAROL Vorderman has revealed that she experienced a terrifying stalker situation this year.

The TV legend, 62, said she has been forced to get a restraining order on an individual who has been following her campervan.

Carol Vorderman revealed she experienced a terrifying stalker incident

Carol Vorderman revealed she experienced a terrifying stalker incidentCredito: Instagram
The TV star was forced to get a restraining order

The TV star was forced to get a restraining orderCredito: Instagram

Carolwho purchased a van back in 2021 to travel around the UKsaid her adventures were cut short after the incident.

Sharing a compilation clip of her travels this year, Carol wrote: “OUTDOORS 2022, I’m alive and breathe when I’m outdoors, properly outside.

From Juice retreats to walking 13 Miles a day with to hiking in the Breacon Beacons to beachcombing….I just love it all.

She then revealed: “Next year I’ll be away much more in my van, had to go with my friends in their vans this year cos of a bit of a ‘Vorder stalkerthing going on.

But ‘civil restraining ordershave now been signed, so ONWARDS.

“Ain’t no stopping me now I’m on the move”

Carol seems to have put the scary experience behind her as she focuses on her health and fitness.

as been showing off her incredible figure after indulging at Christmas, promising she’sback on it”.

The former Countdown star flashed her toned abs in a series of snaps, including skin-tight gym gear and a tiny bikini after indulging at Christmas.

Carol said she was returning to the gym after enjoying a lavish festive celebrationshaving let herself go over Christmas.

The TV star’s photo came as part of a compilation of workout videos she shared with fansshowing off her body in a number of different outfits.

Looking back at the year as 2023 approaches, Carol said: “GYM THIS YEAR. I’m obsessed with gym stuff. Gives me such a high.

“Had a rotator cuff issue earlier in the year which meant I couldn’t even close the curtains without holding my right arm up with my left BUT once over that.

“Back on it… Here’s to a healthy 2023.

Carol looked incredible in the various images and clips shared, from workouts in red gym gear to showing off her toned tummy.

In some videos she revealed her gym skills while lifting weights, and in other videos the striking star posed for mirror selfies.

The age-defying star is no stranger to a sexy snap and often leaves fans in awe of her gym-honed look.

Ex Conto alla rovescia leggenda Carol celebrated turning 62 this month by sharing one of her sauciest photos of all time.

Chubais ha contribuito alle riforme economiche seguite al crollo dell'Unione Sovietica, ma è rimasto nel governo di Putin e ha mantenuto stretti legami con i funzionari occidentali

She posted an Instagram reel to display a favourite picture memory for each month since her last birthday before ending on December where she wowed in a pair of super tight blue faux leather trousers.

She matched the look with a pair of knee-high black boots as she flashed a smile to the camera in the mirror selfie.

Carol said her adventures were cut short after the incident

Carol said her adventures were cut short after the incidentCredito: Instagram
The mathematician said she's focusing on her health and fitness for 2023

The mathematician said she’s focusing on her health and fitness for 2023Credito: Instagram