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Los fanáticos de Married At First Sight UK afirman que un novio es 'una bandera roja ambulante' después de un comportamiento 'tóxico'

MARRIED At First Sight fans are convinced that newlywed Kwame is a walking “bandera roja” after spotting major clue on last night’s episode.

Business consultant Kwame, 42, tied the knot with business owner Kasia, 36, but there were immediately some issues, including his remarks on Kasia’s weight and his lack of intimacy.

MAFS fans are convinced Kwame is a walking 'red flag'

MAFS fans are convinced Kwame is a walking ‘red flagCrédito: Eroteme
Viewers think Kwame's red suit hints at trouble ahead

Viewers think Kwame’s red suit hints at trouble aheadCrédito: Eroteme

But eagle-eyed fans have insisted that Kwame’s decision to wear a red suit on his wedding day, proves he is a “bandera roja” and hints at trouble ahead.

Uno escribió: “So guessing Kwame made his suit out of all the red flags then! #MAFSUK

Otro publicado: “Kwame wearing red to make it easy for us to spot the red flag #MAFSUK #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSightUK #MarriedAtFirstSight

A third echoed: “Not Kwame wearing a red suit to match his red flags already. #MAFSUK

Looking for an “Instagram model” and “perfect wife”? Describing himself as an “amazing man”? I already have no time for Kwame. Red flag central,” a fourth fumed.

Otro agregado: “To be fair Kwame is one big red flag. How could Kasia miss it! #MAFSUK

It comes after Kwanme left viewers in shock after he made a comment about bride Kasia’s weight moments after they said ‘I do’.

Horrifying MAFS UK espectadores, Kwame said: “More often than not I go for someone usually more petite.

Fans could not believe their ears, with many taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on his remark.

Uno enfureció: “Kwame: ‘I usually go for someone more petite’. Clown, you’re on this show because you’ve got NO ONE.

Otro agregado: “’I go for someone more petitesorry what?”

Later on in the episode, the pair were seen getting to know each other at their wedding reception.

While chatting to his bride, Kwame admitted he has been married before. Kasia is a mum after giving birth to a son age 16.

The new bride was then seen hinting that she wanted to sleep with her husband on their wedding night.

Kwame, sin embargo, told her he wanted to save getting intimate until he knows Kasia better.

But when will that be?” Luego, la hermana envía una captura de pantalla que muestra varias fotos policiales..

mientras tanto, Monday night’s episode also featured the first lesbian couple to tie the knot on MAFS UK; zero-waste shop owner Jenna and quantity surveyor Zoe.

The pair hit it off, with Jenna revealing she developed alopecia after she was knocked down by a car.

Kwame says he usually opts for women who are 'more petite' than Kasia

Kwame says he usually opts for women who are ‘more petitethan KasiaCrédito: E4