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Matt di MAFS UK esce dalla Reunion dopo "inaccettabile".’ comportamento

MARRIED At First Sight star Matt Murray shocked fans by walking out after delivering an apology about his “inaccettabile” behaviour at the Reunion.

He was first to face the matchmakers with ex-partner Whitneybut addressed the whole group after a fiery argument last night.

Matt Murray quit the process early

Matt Murray quit the process earlyCredito: Instagram

“In primo luogo, my behaviour last night was unacceptable,” Egli ha detto.

On a serious note, to anybody I offended, I do apologise.

He was then forced to confront his relationship with Whitney who he left his original wife Gemma for.

I just want you to be whole,” Whitney said.

I’m going to be here anyways, non importa cosa. I’m going to be here.

Matt ha risposto: “As difficult as it may have been for you. I appreciate you being there through those difficult sticky moments I’ve had.

Admitting there’s still chemistry between them, Matt was quizzed on whether they could get back together.

There’s a lot that’s gone on. It’s not that easy,” Egli ha detto.

Matt ha aggiunto: “It wouldn’t be something that I wouldn’t be open to.

Whitney replied: “I’ll say it in the same way, it’s a very odd sentence.

After the show returned from a break, expert Mel Schilling told the group: “Matt will be bowing out of proceedings for the rest of the evening.

Whitney will be staying with us but we will be respecting Matt’s wishes to take some time away from the group.

Viewers weren’t shown Matt’s exitand all believed his apology and exit was planned.

uno ha detto: “I feel like matt asked to go first then leave otherwise he wouldn’t take part! Aggravated s*** he is.

Un altro ha detto: “Lol Matt was told 2 apologise. 100% insincere!”

I fan non erano divertiti dalla dimostrazione di affetto: “Matt decided take leave absence all too much for him.